Dreamed a syringe, dream book

Even adults are afraid of injections. Therefore, a syringe in a dream can completely knock out rut. Do not worry: in most dream books such a dream is not considered a bad sign. Yes. You will need to take care of your health, but no more.

Freund's Dream

A syringe in a dream - to future changes in your personal life. If everything was calm, now you are waiting for a raging sea of ​​passions. If on the contrary, now is the time to calm down. Do an injection to yourself or another person - you are drawn into intrigue. The result will be the pain and suffering of an innocent person, even if you didn’t want to do it at all. If you were boiling syringes in a dream, you need to look critically at your attitude to order. Purity for you is the highest value on earth. But in the world there are many other equally interesting activities and things.

Female dream book

Why dream of a syringe - to worry about loved ones. Fortunately, all fears will be in vain. If the syringe is damaged, be prepared to pay dearly for long-forgotten blunders. Also, such a dream warns about the disease.

The newest dream book

A syringe seen in a dream warns you that you are catching an infectious disease or a cold.

Italian dream book

A syringe in a dream says that someone can use you for their own purposes, inspiring you with relevant information.

Summer dream

If a syringe dreamed of a sick person, he will recover.

Spring dream book

The opposite interpretation is given in the spring dream book: a syringe in a dream means that without the help of a specialist you cannot improve your health.

Dream Dream

Such a dream is often a harbinger of attack and aggression towards you. But in the future it will be to your advantage.

Dreaming longo

If in a dream you rudely trick others with a syringe, pay attention to your behavior. You often sarcastically respond to people, with all pointing to their faults and outraged by their shortcomings. The person himself sees his negative sides and suffers because of this, and you sprinkle his wounds with salt. Look at yourself: are you really better than him? You seek to spoil the mood of people, to get pleasure from it. Only then does life make sense to you.This is terrible, especially since all the evil that you have committed will come back to you as a boomerang.

Dreaming about painful injections with a syringe warns you to be careful. If in a dream someone has given you an injection, be prepared to pay for your laziness. You do not see fit to do an urgent matter, for which you will suffer punishment.

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