Dreamed hay, dream book

Since ancient times, hay has been revered in the Slavic magical tradition. Symbol of birth, successfully completed labor, fertility of livestock. Attribute wires man in the last path. Hay in a dream is a good sign, hope for success in business.

Small Veles dream book

Feel the scent of hay in a dream - to a joyful event. If the smell is unpleasant, then a major loss, failure, and disappearance are possible. To mow high grass on the hay - to harvest, put in ricks - to hunger, diseases.

Hay collected in stacks symbolizes auspicious completion of difficult work. Dream interpretation claims: wet hay means the disclosure of secrets. A task that seemed unsolvable will be completed.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A lot of dry grass dreams of big profits, inheritance, bonuses. If the hay is fresh and clean, expect a happy event. You are chewing a straw in your dream - get ready for unexpected expenses, debts, and demotion.

Putting hay in a shed is not a good sign. In real life, possible trouble, illness, loss. Haystacks crumble under the wind, warning of family quarrels in reality.Happily in marriage something threatens.

Esoteric dream book

What dreams of hay, put in the ricks? Neatly harvested grass foreshadows well-being. Hard work will be rewarded. Carelessly stacked stacks promise business breakdown, wasted effort, erroneous calculation.

Straw effigy in a dream warns about lies in relationships. The person you trust is dishonest. Take a good look at your surroundings. Do not reveal spiritual secrets to random people.

French dream book

Endless field with stacks - great sleep! A great joy awaits you. Perhaps a chance meeting will bring vivid feelings. Waiting for success in love. Marital relations will get stronger. Native people will be pleased with attention and care.

Relax in dreams in the hayloft? Scheduled vacation will be successful. Ahead - a calm, measured life. Life storms will not affect your family. To dream of hay with wild flowers - for the birth of children.

Old Russian dream book

A cart carrying hay into the yard foreshadows illness. Pay attention to health. Elderly relatives need your care. Decaying ricks tell about possible losses, poverty and hunger.

Tillage dry grass with pitchforks - to stable well-being. If hay was stolen in a dream, a big profit would happen. Stems, cut with a sickle, warn against errors in close relationships. Haymaking promises wealth, return of debts.

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