Drinking a cocktail: what does the dream book say about it?

Alcoholic, non-alcoholic and milkshakes are associated with coolness, quenching, greedy, always original taste and aroma. In addition, these multi-component drinks are attributes of recreation, entertainment, joy for both adults and children. Such positive associations arise from this drink in life, is the image of a cocktail in a dream treated in the same way?

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Dream Interpretation: why drink a cocktail?

Family Dream

According to this dream book, a cocktail in a dream is a symbol of deception, dishonesty. If you personally drink a drink in night vision, it means that you will mislead those around you about your capabilities or abilities. A dream with such a plot also warns that you will find yourself in a society of not too decent people.

If in a dream a woman sees herself drinking a cocktail, this vision foreshadows her dissolute life, behavior, perebechaya moral principles and generally accepted norms of behavior.

Dream interpretation for lovers

Data from this source does not perevoch previous. If a woman dreams of how she drinks a drink, it promises her dissolute life, promiscuity and lightheadedness in intimate relationships. If such a dream appeared to a man, it promises him to find himself in a frivolous society, rejecting a truly sincere and loving person.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

According to this dream book, drinking a cocktail in a dream predicts that soon your loved ones will be very surprised by your actions, completely alien to you.

If you dream that you are preparing this drink from different ingredients, it means that in real life you have to do several things at the same time.

Drinking a drink in large quantities in a dream is a precursor to the fact that you will soon be deceived.

If you use an alcoholic cocktail in the night vision, this dream warns you that in the near future you will have complicated cases or difficult problems that require your willful decisions. According to this dream book, a milkshake or other soft drink that you drink in a dream is a warning that you should be wary of new acquaintances seeking friendship.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This source interprets the meaning of the cocktail in a dream a little differently.According to his data, drinking a drink in a dream means that you will regret the changes that have occurred to you and be sad about the old times. If in a vision you made cocktails yourself, wait for news or any misunderstandings in close surroundings.

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