Droid BB-8 Prop from Star Wars movie

Materials and tools:

  1. paper, pencil, marker, adhesive tape for patterns and patterns
  2. EVA foam 10-20 mm thick;
  3. construction (stationery) knife, scissors;
  4. dremal with various nozzles;
  5. construction dryer;
  6. glue for parts (hot melt glue gun);
  7. PVA glue or wood glue;
  8. acrylic paints and primer;
  9. masking tape.

Step 1

Drawings and sketches are an integral part throughout the process. Before you do something, do not be too lazy to draw or print a drawing (sketch), everything is scaled easily enough. So you make fewer mistakes.

The droid's body will be 50 cm in diameter. To make a body, we use EVA foam.

The lower ball is made up of two hemispheres, each of which consists of 8 wedges of EVA foam. To assemble the hemisphere, cut out 8 wedges from the foam, then heat the wedges with a building dryer and give them a curved shape (after cooling EVA, the foam does not lose its shape).Next, glue the wedges together, two wedges at a time.

In this way we make two hemispheres, which we then glue together. We get the bottom ball of the droid.

Warning! EVA foam easily lends itself and can be cut with a stationery knife. All work is better to do with glasses and a respirator.

Step 2

We’ll need photos of BB-8 to recreate the pattern (details, grooves, etc.) on the ball. The body pattern is not complicated consists of disks, the patterns inside the disk are slightly different.

We draw the patterns in a graphic editor and print them in full size. We transfer the pattern to the ball, here, too, not everything is so simple, as simply transferring the pattern will not work because of the shape of the ball. We draw the basic disks that make up the pattern on the ball, and cut out the other smaller elements from the template and draw around it.

We cut through the grooves in the picture, and better use dremel.

Step 3

We cover the whole ball with three layers of wood glue (or PVA glue). Between the layers give the glue to dry well.

After drying, we process the balloon with fine sandpaper to remove any irregularities.

Ground the surface.

Step 4

Draw a model of the head of the droid with all the elements of the pattern. The diameter of the head is 20-25 cm, but the wedges of the hemisphere will be smaller.

Take EVA foam and cut out 8 wedges from the hemisphere. We glue the wedges into a hemisphere.

For the bottom of the cut three circles, glue and cut with a bevel (cone). We glue to the hemisphere of the head of the droid.

Step 5

Same as with the body. We transfer the pattern to the head, make the grooves with the help of dremel. We also cut holes for the eyes.

The head part is also covered with three layers of joinery glue and a primer coat.

Step 6

Painting. Here you will also need photos of the droid. &Nbsp;

We make the painting with acrylic paint (you can dilute it a little with water) and layers, which should be thoroughly dried.

First, we completely cover both parts with white paint. Then draw the individual elements to cover the unnecessary areas using paint tape.

At the end, after drying the paint, glue together the head and the body of the droid.

All, theBB-8 Prop from the movie "Star Wars: The Awakening of Power"is ready.

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