Earrings of the Heart in the style of the 80s

Heart Earrings in the style of the 80s- Mester-class, we make beautiful earrings in the shape of hearts from polymer clay.

Materials and tools:

  1. polymer clay;
  2. rhinestones;
  3. beads;
  4. pins;
  5. Shvenza
  6. pencil, scissors, paper;
  7. pliers;
  8. glue;
  9. Craft knife
  10. varnish for polymer clay.

Step 1

Let's draw on paper two hearts - big and small, and cut out. Inside the big heart, draw another one and cut it out. Let's see, a small heart should fit freely inside a large one.

Step 2

Take the clay and roll it, choose the thickness yourself (approximately, 5 mm). Put a big heart pattern on it and cut it out carefully with a knife.

Step 3

Cut the inside of the big heart with a knife. Roll out the clay of a different color and also cut out a small heart according to the template.If the hearts are flawed, carefully correct them before baking.

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