Easter decor: how to decorate an Easter basket

One of the favorite religious holidays for believers is Easter. Coming in the spring, he creates a special joyful mood. For most, the holiday is known for such traditions as dyeing eggs, cooking Easter (Pasca), baking kulich, using candles that symbolize the light of God. Another Easter element is the Easter basket. She is the one who allows beautifully present colored eggs, delicious kulich and Easter to relatives and friends. To decorate the basket for Easter, does not require special education or materials. The main thing is that everything should be done from the heart, with love and gratitude. If you do not have much time, then you can buy Easter baskets of cues, which will be beautifully decorated with ready-made chopsticks inside.

The ways of decorating the Easter basket can be divided into several groups depending on the materials that are used.

The easiest way is to decorate with a variety of ribbons.Modernity allows the use of ribbons of different colors. But many try to adhere to traditions, using ribbons of red, green, yellow (gold), blue (blue), white flowers.

Decorating a basket with ribbons can be simple or intricate. It all depends on imagination. One of the options is to tangle a basket with a wide ribbon, and a thinner one - a handle. A bold decision would be to place a thinner, different color over a wide ribbon. You can run the tape both horizontally and vertically or even crosswise.

By adding a bow to the ribbon, the basket will look more complete. Bows can be made also the most diverse - the usual classic, two-layer (a combination of wide and narrow ribbons), strict (a strip of ribbon in the middle is fastened with a small piece of the same ribbon), tiered (consists of 3 ribbons of different lengths), a bow-flower (the ribbon is made a ring that is held by the fingers, then another 10 of the same rings are made, which are tied together with a narrow ribbon; having straightened all the rings, you get a magnificent flower bow).

Another way to decorate an Easter basket is to use flowers.They can be artificial, made by hand or alive. Having chosen flowers 1-2 colors, they are placed on the handle or allowed in the form of a garland along the edge of the basket. Perhaps this is one of the easiest solutions. If you want to hit your family or friends, you can choose a more complicated decor. To do this, you will need different in size and size of flowers. Colors must be combined with each other. On one side of the basket, the flowers are arranged in groups, filling the space between them with green leaves and thin green blades of grass. Such a flower composition will surely attract attention.

Each of these ways of decorating the basket is good. Combining them with each other, you can get a basket of unprecedented beauty. The flower composition in which thin ribbons are woven in tonal colors will look gracefully. Needlewomen can add decorations with flowers from ribbons. In order to learn how to weave them, you need a little training, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Creating your own unique basket, do not forget about the little things. In the shops for needlework or flower shops you can buy decorative ornaments - small chickens, eggs, or even an Easter bunny.

Completing the decoration of the Easter basket, a beautiful napkin is placed on its bottom.Now you can safely put in her cake and painted eggs. Such a gift will surprise and delight anyone.

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