Easter salt dough chicken

Interesting crafts are a wonderful addition to any holiday, including the bright holiday of Easter. Children willingly make crafts on Easter, turning their own materials into Easter attributes.

One of these materials can be salted dough or homemade plastic mass for modeling.

 Easter chicken from salted dough

Easter chicken from salt dough

The difference in their kneading is only in the fact that the prepared substance does not heat up when preparing salt dough n plate, and in the preparation of mass - warmed up condition when a lump fall behind the edges of the walls and bottom of the saucepan. In addition, citric acid can be added to the mass. It gives a special lightness.

Before you make crafts for Easter, you need to figure out what kind of finished product will take. It can be a three-dimensional or flat figure, an applique or a panel.For example, as a craft for the Easter holiday of dough or mass, you can make a panel on a cardboard basis, depicting a chicken just hatched from an egg. Any child will probably be able to cope with this task.

For work, except cardboard and paste, you will need a stack, a rolling pin, paint and a brush.

We are starting.

With a rolling pin, we roll a small oval ball of dough, giving it an ovoid shape. We put this blank on cardboard.

 Harvest from salt dough

Harvest from salt dough

Stack make a zigzag cut. This cut should divide the blank into two parts - upper (smaller) and lower (larger).

 Making the cut

Making the cut

We are rolling another oval cake.



On this flatbread we put the bottom of our first (ovoid) billet. Trim the bottom edge with the stack so that it is even.

 Put the bottom of the blank

Put the bottom of the blank

Cut the sides at the bottom of the cake, making it a little narrowerthan a fragment with a zigzag edge. Put the top of the first blank on top of the bottom cake.

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