Effective exercises for elastic breasts

So, if you are tired of being shy and picking up about your breasts, if you want to go without a modeling bra in the summer, if you just want to improve your body, then start working immediately.

Most men first of all look not in the eyes of a woman, but on her breasts. So all the young ladies, without exception, dream of a beautiful, elastic breast. Exercises for elastic breasts will make all men, without exception, admire your forms.

Nowadays the most rapid and widespread way of changing the shape and size of the breast is plastic surgery. Silicone breasts can be found more often than natural breasts. But it is not always necessary to rush to extremes and go under the knife. It is necessary with gratitude to take everything that nature has given you, and the breast as well.

Even if you have a small chest, you can give it a beautiful shape and make it so that any silicone lady will be jealous.After all, whatever glossy tabloids say, men still prefer natural beauty.

Getting Started

1. Move hands. Raise your hands to the side, then quickly bring them up so that at the top there is the right hand first, then the left one. 30 times.

2. All of us in the school were forced to push-ups. Then, of course, we hated this exercise, but now it's better to reconsider your attitude to push-ups, because they have an excellent effect on the condition of the chest and hands. For those who forgot how to properly press, we remind: take the emphasis lying (put the palms on the floor, hands are straight, legs are pulled back, and we stand on the socks). You must create a straight line, no bulging priests and a dangling head.

If you correctly took the starting position, you can safely proceed to bend your hands. Of course, you will be hard. Push-ups, incidentally, are considered one of the most difficult exercises, but the result is worth it. Try to bend as low as possible, the body at this point should be tense. Perform 10-20 times to get started. If for you it is a lot, it does not matter! Better squeeze 5 times correctly than 20 just as.

3. Stand straight, connect the palms of your hands before the chest and squeeze them for 20 seconds, then relax your hands and repeat the exercise again.Do not bend at the back; keep your shoulders straightened. 10 approaches.

4. For further exercises we need dumbbells weighing 1-2 kg. So, we stand straight, legs a little wider than shoulders, we take dumbbells in hands. Bend the arms, forming an angle of 90 degrees, lift them to chest level and push up (lift), straightening. Lowering the arms, bend them again. Run 20-30 times.

5. Lie down on the floor. Feet put on the mat, so that the heel touches the buttocks. The back is tight to the floor. We spread our hands with dumbbells, forming 90 degrees between the body and the hands. Then we join hands above the head. To pump up the chest, perform the exercise slowly, 20-30 times.

6. Stand straight. In the hands of dumbbells, raise them to eye level. Now bend your arms, putting your elbows to the side. You should dumbbells touch your chest. 20 times.

7. Starting position, as when pushing up. Only now, you have to bend your arms at the elbow. Legs straight, back too. Stand in that position. Try to stand as long as possible. It is desirable 3 minutes.

Exercises for this muscle group will not take much of your time. The sooner you start to train the muscles in this area, the better.Our breast has to go through a lot: during weight loss, it becomes less, after feeding children, loses its shape and attractiveness. If you want to avoid all these troubles or correct a sad situation that already exists, get down to doing this set of exercises!

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