Mosaic from the egg shell “Rainbow-colored umbrella”

This fascinating master class, with its simplicity is aimed at children, but is suitable for all creative people. Folding such a mosaic will take a lot of pleasure, and crafts made in this technique will become a real work of art.
 egg shell mosaic
Materials for the master class: - eggshell, from raw eggs; - acrylic paints and brush; - cardboard sheet; - white glue; - toothpick; - acrylic soil, contour self-leveling, single-phase craquelic varnish, acrylic varnish, if possible. 1. A sheet of cardboard is primed with a special acrylic primer, and in the absence of it, with white acrylic paint.
2. We draw the initial sketch of an umbrella, for this we use a pencil to draw basic sketches.
 Draw the initial sketch of an umbrella
3.We draw the umbrella head in more detail, dividing it into six parts.
 Draw the initial sketch of an umbrella
4. Remove the extra strokes with the eraser, draw an umbrella handle.
 Draw a sketch of an umbrella
5. We draw a bezel on the umbrella head, if the sketch is smooth and beautiful, you can draw a contour by clicking on a pencil.
 Draw a sketch of an umbrella
6. With the help of a special contour or black paint we draw the basic borders of our sketch.
 direct the main borders
7. With the help of red paint, we begin to paint the first umbrella segment.
 starting to color
8. Then, using the colors of orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, we color the rest of our umbrella.
 begin to color
9.Wash raw egg shells, remove the white membrane.
 remove white membrane
10. We paint the shell with acrylic paints in the same colors as the umbrella segments.
 paint the shell
11. After the paint dries on the eggshell, cut it into small pieces.
 into small parts
12. With the help of a toothpick, we begin to lay out the red egg shells on the red umbrella segment.
 apply glue
13. In the same order, lay out the shell of orange and yellow colors.
 begin to lay out the eggshell
14. We finish laying out a color mosaic on an umbrella, using green, blue and violet shell.
 starting to spread eggshell
15. Black egg eggshell crumble into small pieces and with the help of a toothpick begin to spread around the perimeteran umbrella for PVA glue.
 begin to lay out the eggshell
16. We lay out more tightly the handle of the umbrella with the help of the black egg shell.
 using an egg-shell
17. The next step is to draw the general background of our image, while we will use a single-phase crackling varnish, and in its absence we will use blue paint. 18. We paint the background with silver paint, waiting for it to dry.
 silver paint
19. If you accidentally paint over the contour during work, you can remove unnecessary paint with a cotton swab.
 unnecessary paint
20. As soon as the paint is completely dry, apply a layer of one-step craquelure lacquer, put strokes horizontally on the surface.
 we put horizontally surfaces
21. As soon as the varnish starts to die, but it will remain sticky,vertically relative to the surface we put strokes of blue paint.
 egg shell mosaic
22. The edges of the umbrella are decorated with rhinestones, imitating rain droplets.
 egg shell mosaic
23. If desired, for durability, we will work on top with acrylic varnish.
 mosaic of eggshell
Our mosaic is ready, you can now put it in a frame and enjoy the work done. We wish you creative success!
 egg shell mosaic
 egg shell mosaic

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