Embroider lilac ribbons ... Amazingly beautiful!


In this master class, I will show you how to embroider a lilac. For this, I need satin ribbons of 4 and 6 mm for buds, 1 cm ribbon for flowers, 2.5 cm ribbon for leaves and stems, hoops, threads, scissors, cigarette lighter and print.

I start with the buds. I take the tape 4 and 6 mm and sew all the edges of the branches.

I deduce a tape on the front side and I lead around a needle.

Then, retreating from the tip of the 0.5-cm ribbon, I insert the needle into the fabric, this is how the French nodule on the stem appears.

I stretch the ribbon on the wrong side.

The first bud is ready, and also we embroider the others.

On top of such buds, you can embroider a wider ribbon and a different shade.

Immediately embroidery turns out more volume.

Go to the flowers. We cut the ribbon in 1 cm into strips in 10-15 cm, then we sing the ends with a cigarette lighter and make it in 4 or 5 bends, then it will be convenient to sew petals.

We take a thin needle with thread and sew the edge of the tape back and forth.

Then we sew the bottom to bend the ribbon and so on until the ribbon ends.

One petal stitched and up and down again.

Sew the whole tape, it turned out 4 parts, it means there will be 4 petals, you can make 3 and 5, as it will be convenient.

They pulled the flower and sewed it on the wrong side in the center.

And sew ready for a twig of lilac, retreating from the tips of the buds.

Then we fill the whole branch with flowers.

Yellow thread floss embroidery core of the flower.

In one thread on the needle thread and piercing the middle of the flower.

Further leaves. Ribbon 2.5 cm green embroider leaves.

They took the ribbon to the front side, retreated 3-4 cm, and in the center of the ribbon we insert the needle, dragging it on the wrong side.

Stitch so all the leaves.

We sew the twigs with a 2.5 cm brown ribbon. We insert the ribbon from the beginning of the branch at the end by twisting it.

Twisted, inserted a needle with a ribbon on the front side and brought to the wrong side. I sew the ends of the ribbons with thread.

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