Embroidered gingerbread men

Embroidered Ginger Menare embroidered ginger men, like fragrant gingerbread, an excellent way to create a festive mood.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. linen linen cream color 33x28cm;
  3. beads;
  4. 3 small buttons, red and white;
  5. cotton fabric for the backdrop, matching in color to the front side 18x51cm;
  6. red twisted lace 13cm;
  7. toy filler.


Step 1


Fold the linen in half in two directions to find the center, and start embroidering from this point.

All cross stitches are sewn in two threads of embroidery thread through two threads of linen fabric.

When you have completed all the full stitches, proceed to embroidering the details with backstitch stitches. The outlines are stitched back «backneedle» in two threads of white color, and the mouth is embroidered in two threads of brown color.The remaining stitches "back needle" are made in one thread of the embroidery thread: white thread - for snowflakes, brown - for the contour of the body.

Sewing on beads and buttons

When all stitches are completed, you can sew beaded eyes, securing them with a semi-cross. Make sure the beads are sewn firmly. Now take a white sewing thread and sew three buttons from top to bottom towards the front of the gingerbread body. Sew the buttons in the same order as ours, or change the combination and arrangement to your liking.

Making the Gingerbread Man

When all stitches are completed, iron the finished design and put it face up.

Take a cotton fabric for the backdrop and make in the center of a longitudinal small fold size of 1.5 cm, iron to secure the fold in place. Make an 8 cm long slit inside this fold - later you will need it to turn the gingerbread man out on the front side.

Fold the part with the embroidered design and the face-to-face detail, make sure that the fold is in place and runs along the center of the torso of the gingerbread man from top to bottom.

Sew together the back and front parts, retreating along the entire perimeter of 6 mm from the edge of the contour line of the torso of the gingerbread man.

Cut linen and cotton fabric, retreating about 6 mm from the stitching line, then turn the product on the front side through the slot you made earlier and iron.

Tamp the gingerbread man with filler, then sew up the slot on the back of the body.

Fold the lace in half to make a loop, then sew the ends of the lace in the center to the back of the head. Gingerbread man ready.

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