Employee of the year: the staff brought a parrot in the office and did not regret it

No wonder some scientists say that from pets only pleasant things. And many experts advise starting pets in the office, arguing that in this way the team will be more united and the work will be more productive. But if it’s not very convenient to start a dog or cat in a company, a parrot will be the best option! You don’t have to walk with him, and there is less trouble to care ... At least, with a parrot named Alton, who settled in one of the Moscow offices, everything turned out to be as good as possible.

A photo:@athlon_cool_parrot

The parrot Alton lives in a cage, but judging by his Instagram page, he moves freely around the office, delighting everyone around. He especially likes to sit at the monitor of one of the employees, watching how he works. But once a person turns away or gets distracted for a second, the bird immediately starts helping: he presses the buttons of the keyboard or moves the mouse.And with such a concentrated look that no one has to doubt his help.

Another bird eats dinner with the rest of the staff, plays with them and, of course, talks. Alton does not yet know individual words, but there is no doubt that he is still ahead. In addition, over a thousand people are already watching the pet on the social network.

25 Jun 2018 at 3:57 PDT

By the way!

Continuing the theme of parrots, we remembered a funny story from last year’s time, when a bird named Berry copied the voice of its owner and spent money in its online store during its absence! Fortunately for a woman, buying a pet cost only $ 14. More on this.

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