English lawn do it yourself

Site preparation

Start the arrangement of the English lawn with the preparation of the soil. The site on which the lawn will be located should be perfectly level. Otherwise, rainwater will accumulate in the grooves and this may lead to rotting of the root system.

It is important that the fertile layer on the lawn site is not less than 17 cm, if it is not large enough, you should buy peat powder and add the required amount, increasing the layer thickness.

Before sowing the lawn, it is necessary to loosen the soil, then level and walk around the site with a special roller. After that, the soil must be loosened again with a rake. Now you can make fertilizer for lawns in accordance with the instructions on the package.

How to equip the English lawn

Sowing the lawn with seeds

Once the plot is fully prepared, you can start planting lawn grass. If you plan to use seeds, it is best to use a special planter to evenly distribute the plants on the site.After sowing, the kidney must be tamped with a lawn roller and then the lawn should be mulched with a peat powder, making it 2-3 cm thick. After the mulching procedure, the lawn needs to be watered using a sprinkler so that the seeds are not washed with a stream of water from the soil.

It is not recommended to sow an English lawn in early spring or late autumn, as for good seed germination it is necessary that the soil be heated. If done correctly, shoots will appear within 5-6 days. It is advisable to water the lawn regularly in the evening, so moisture will last longer in the soil.

When sowing seeds, a beautiful and lush lawn is formed in about 2 years, when the grass grows and fills the whole space.

English lawn do it yourself

Rolled lawn

Those who do not want to wait long for results, can use the turf grown in a nursery using a special technology. Of course, this method is more expensive, but at the same time more efficient. Lawn roll also requires special preparation of the site, otherwise the plants may simply die from improper care.

In addition to loosening the soil and treating it with a lawn roller, planting a turf is required for planting a turf.On the sandy layer you need to apply a mixture consisting of peat powder, connected in equal proportion with rotted manure. The layer of such a mixture should be at least 5 cm. After arranging the fertile layer, you can start laying the turf. The rolls are rolled out with a slight overlap. After laying the lawn must be watered.

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