Enjoying life here and now: how to learn?

Rejoice in what you have today. A new day is a miracle, because every moment is unique and inimitable. We can only be in the present, and the happiness around us - just need to see it. You can find joy and beauty everywhere: in the rain outside the window, if you open the window, or in the looking sun.
Love, take care, be attentive to others today, without waiting for the right moment. A person who feels joy is able to convey his mood to thousands of people.
Learn to constructively conflict. Peace is impossible without conflict. And the resolution of conflicts is impossible without reconciliation. Learn to resolve acute situations without resentment, reproaches and accusations, respecting the mutual interests of each other, creatively. Conflict should stimulate change and development, because its resolution is impossible without appropriate progressive changes.As a result, the resolution of the conflict and the elimination of its causes will lead to the joy of both parties.
Free your feelings. Feel the fullness of your feelings and sincerely express emotions immediately, without delaying later. Do not be afraid to ask about what you want, and talk openly about what you feel.
Try to do something new, trying to discover new talents. And if something is wrong with you - do not be discouraged, do not be afraid of failures. Plan an hour a day to do something new, for example, grow an orange tree, learn Japanese, do parachuting.

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