Eternal Flashlight or Faraday Flashlight

Eternal flashlight or Faraday flashlightSo called flashlight with an alternative power source. That is, this lamp does not require batteries or battery charging. In order to "ignite" it is necessary to shake it. In the flashlight itself there is a generator and a rechargeable battery.
Let's first get acquainted with the factory light:
I I tried to paint the construction as much as possible. The bottom line is that a cylindrical permanentmagnetfreely hangs in the tube - the body between the rubber stops or the springs (where as). And in the center of the tube is wound coil. When shaken, the magnet runs up and down inside the coil, creating alternating electricity in it.
Next, this electricity goes to the diode bridge and turns into a constant and charges 3 volts.
We'll see without the case.
We see a solenoid, a cylindrical magnet, limiters, a small board with diodes, a switch and batteries. Oh, and the LED on the board.
Shake the flashlight, turn on. Working !
And here is our prototype:
Box from under Tik-tak. The tube on which the coil is wound is a body from a ballpoint pen. A couple of magnets from the hard disk, there are such. Yes, capacitors are used instead of batteries. White LED. a pair of diodes.
There is a feature of winding the coil. As you probably noticed from the scheme - the coil consists of two windings, the total length of the coil is 40 mm. Divide mentally hit. In the first half we wind 600 turns of the thinnest wire with a diameter of approximately 0.08 mm. And in the second half of 600 turns. That's all - two sectional coil is ready. Further, according to the scheme.
Do not forget about the limiters, so that the magnets repelled and jumped smartly.
But my more powerful sample.There is already used a coil with a large number of vitas and three sectional magnets.

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