Evening hairstyles step by step: Top 10 options

When you need to look perfect, but do not have time to visit the hairdresser, you can use step-by-step ideas to create evening hairstyles. Your attention - the TOP-10 options.

There are hairstyles, the creation of which practically does not require additional accessories, but there are also more complex options in which hairpins, invisibility and decorative hairpins will be needed. It is better to stock up on this in advance. Also do not interfere with styling products: varnish, wax, gel.

So let's get started.

Not the most difficult hairstyle, which is well suited for a wedding, and for a party with friends. Depending on the situation, you can use different decorations (for example, the flower will make this evening hairstyle, the step-by-step execution of which you see, more at ease).

Pretty interesting hairstyle with braids. Best for long hair. If there are none, then the tresses will help out, maybe even a couple of shades that are different from the main hair color.

Simple and fast step by step instructions for creating an evening hairstyle. True, here you can not do without a curling iron.

This option will be ideal for hair curling by nature, or those on which a perm is made.

An option that will make you look touching and gentle!

Classics of the genre of evening hairstyles. The step-by-step instruction allows you to see that there is nothing difficult in this arrangement.

Also nothing complicated - the main thing is to be careful. Although loose strands can give your hair a charming ease.

Simply, beautifully and, most importantly, very quickly!

This hairstyle is ideal for heavy and thick hair.

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