Eyeglass case with vintage flower embroidery

Glasses case with vintage embroidery of flowers- such a case, decorated with embroidery, can serve as an eyelet, or it can become a case for a mobile phone. Adjust the dimensions if necessary.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. turquoise fabric 20x30cm;
  3. pink lining fabric, 3 parts 13x21cm;
  4. 13x21cm filler;
  5. braid, 2 segments of 20cm each.


Step 1

Trim the embroidery, the three pink fabric pieces and the filler to 13x21 cm.

Fold the embroidery and one piece of pink fabric face to face, stitch the machine along the top edge, putting a 20 cm long tape between the layers.

Fold   the two remaining pink fabric pieces face to face, pin together along the top edge, putting a 20 cm long tape between the layers. Place the filler on top and sew, grabbing all the layers.

Turn both the parts together and pin them together face-to-face with the seams in the middle aligned.Sew along the outer edge, leaving a turning hole on the lining side. Turn out, sew a hole with a hidden stitch and tuck the lining inwards.

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