Fabric flowers {TOP 10 Masterclasses}

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Good day to all! Today we are pleased to present youTOP 10fabric color workshops, which you can do without too much difficulty.

The end of the year is coming and it's time to think about what and how best to arrange an apartment for the holiday! And the flowers in this decor will not be superfluous.Sewing such flowers fairly quickly and simply, the material for them will suit absolutely anyone. Such flowers from the fabric have a fairly wide range of applications. They can be decorated as decorative pillows, and used for decoration hairpins or interior.

To your attention10 instructions:

Pink fabric peony

A charming pink peony made from cloth by your own hands, a rounder, a video lesson is attached.It can be used as a table decoration, an element of decor in the interior or as a brooch.

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