Fabric key chains

Soft keychains in the form of a cat and a whale will easily become an original addition to the keys, pencil case or bag, even though it is pretty easy to make them. Here is the list of necessary materials: - Fabric of two colors that you like; - Lace (about 40 centimeters); - Eraser (for the eyelets, for which the key chain will be attached); - Threads for sewing; - Needle and pins; - Carabiner; - White and beige floss threads (or any others of the same thickness); - Black beads; - Scissors;
- Matches or lighter; - Filler (unwanted fabric, cut into small pieces, sintepon or cotton wool).
 list of necessary materials
Let's start. First of all, from paper, we cut out patterns for the pattern of future keyfobs.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/11/1035-vyrezhem-shablony.jpg" alt="cut templates" title="cut templates">
From selected fabric cut parts for blanks.
 we cut out the details according to the blanks
Now we will postpone the whale pattern and work on the cat. The lace is divided into several segments: one 4 cm long, four segments 5 cm long and one 9 cm. See.photo.
 divide into several segments
Each segment should be folded in half and use a lighter or matches to burn the ends so that they stick to each other . The biggest detail is the tail, four smaller ones are paws, and the rest is a loop for fastening.
 fabric keychains
Next, let's move on to stitching all the details. Place the tail and eyelet between the pieces of the pattern, folded face down. The dotted lines in the photo show their location.
 fabric key chains
Sew the upper part, then position the legs in the same way and sew the rest.
fabric keychains
Do not forget to leave a small hole through which you will turn the product face up to the outside.
 fabric key chains
Fill the toy with padding polyester or any other material and carefully sew the hole.
 fabric keychains
Now the most interesting thing is the embroidery of the cat face.White threads need to embroider eyes and eyebrows.
 fabric key chains
Then sew a pair of beads.
fabric key rings

Embroidered with beige thread, face and nose and mustache.
 fabric key chains
Attach a carabiner and - done!
 fabric keychains
The whale remains, it will be a little easier with it.
 fabric keychains
We fold up the parts of the pattern and the elastic for fastening, then sew, leaving 3-4 cm along the edge intact.
 fabric keychains
Turning the product, filling, embroidering eyes, smile and fin, sew bead, in addition you can walk around with a seam around the edge of the toy with threads of the same color as the elastic. That's it!
fabric key chains
Easy enough and fast! As a result, you got two original key chains that you can give to friends and family. Creative success to you!

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