Facelift: what is this procedure and who can do it?

Every woman would like to remain young and beautiful forever, which is why, when the inevitable old age begins to reflect, first of all, on the face as mimic wrinkles and skin sagging, the beautiful half of society literally panics.

Recently, various methods of rejuvenation have literally filled their procedures with cosmetology and surgical institutions, women are ready to do much to restore their youth and beauty.

This procedure will help you return youth

And in order not to talk about plastic surgery, no matter how negatively they respond to such methods of rejuvenation, the number of applicants increases hundreds of times every year. Indeed, few people want to grow old naturally, it’s better to push it as far as possible. , of course.

That is why, now we will talk about face facial lifting, since it is this procedure that can drastically change your appearance, even in situations where temporary changes are very visible.

Simply put, it is an effective and unique face lift, after which the loose and wrinkled skin disappears, deep folds are removed, especially in the areas near the nose and mouth, sagging cheeks are tightened, and a double chin is removed, which, over time, even have thin people.

It sounds, probably, as a mystic, because it is just a fairy tale - smoothing mimic wrinkles around the eyes, improving the condition of the neck. Such a result can not be achieved even with the help of the publicized and most expensive creams, the effect of which is quite short.

It is worth noting that facelifting is not only a surgical intervention, but also a whole set of prepared exercises that are designed to correct problem areas and areas, this is especially effective in the initial stages of their formation.

There are several subspecies of facelift, depending on the complexity of the work, the level of aging and genetic predisposition, there are procedures of varying degrees of complexity, some of which are carried out even without surgery.

Of course, the most effective is the traditional facelift, the effect of the procedure is usually noticeable within 5-10 years, provided that it is properly cared for and supported.

The traditional procedure itself is a generally accepted procedure: cuts are made in front of or behind the auricles, which can reach the parietal part of the head.

At this time, the skin begins to flake off, and the surgeon removes the excess, and then gradually tightens it and fixes it in a new position. When the procedure ends, the seams are sutured by cosmetic means, after which the dressing is applied.

On average, the procedure can take several hours, but it all depends on which zones will be subject to changes, most often the plastic procedure of the chin or eye is added to the classical procedure, work with the eyebrow line, nose correction, in such cases the operation can take up to 10 hours.

Who is suitable and contraindicated facelift procedure?

This procedure is considered very popular and widespread among the female half of the population, fortunately, the risk of complications from the operation is reduced to almost zero, but there are always certain reservations.

If you decide on such a procedure, you must be completely confident in the competence of the surgeon and the clinic in which the entire procedure will be carried out. The main recommendations for the indications for performing this procedure are as follows:

  • age from 40 to 60 years;
  • preoperative examination at the clinic, which should add up to a general idea of ​​your health.
  • It is easier for the doctor to work with the patient's still elastic and elastic skin, so they recommend resorting to this procedure if you have a satisfactory or moderate skin condition.

Contraindications for such a procedure:

  • Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Allergic reactions to a certain group of medicines;
  • Inflammation of facial tissues, radiotherapy in the face.
  • Diseases of the bronchi and lungs, chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Also, facelifting is better not to do to people with extra pounds, and it's not at risk, just if you start to lose weight dramatically, the result of the operation will come to naught.

The postoperative consequences that need to be considered before lying on the operating table include all kinds of hematomas in the face and neck, infections, and the adverse effects of anesthesia, because each person carries it in his own way.

That is why it is necessary to adhere to all the recommendations of a doctor, to treat wounds with antiseptics, to drink prescribed medications and not to take medicines that contribute to blood thinning, for example, aspirin.

Rehabilitation period

Typically, the entire rehabilitation period is 25-30 days, but complete shrinkage of the skin can occur for several months, so do not make premature conclusions about your new appearance.

Only a good specialist should perform the procedure.

Usually on the 10-16th day the seams are removed, by this time all the swelling and bruises begin to come off. In the first few days after surgery, pain can be felt in the head and neck area, constant swelling will create some discomfort.

The patient remains in the clinic for the first few days after the operation, and after that goes home. After the procedure, it is important to consider that the head during sleep should always be on a hill.

In fact, these are all inconveniences that will have to suffer, mostly after the removal of stitches, the patient begins to put on makeup, a week later they go to work, and a month later they forget that they did some procedure.

By the way, facelifting is not only surgery, there is a less invasive and laser method, with which you can significantly improve the condition of the upper layer of the epidermis without a scalpel and incisions.

Typically, such procedures are assigned to those who do not have major skin problems, and age-related changes do not have too deep an effect.

Gymnastics for face rejuvenation

As we have already said, facelifting is not only a surgical intervention of doctors, but also a set of exercises that patients can easily perform at home without any problems.

The gymnastics of facelift includes several basic exercises that have earned a lot of positive feedback and impressions from women who have already tried this technique on themselves.

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