Fake hem: treatment of the bottom with a lack of tissue

Perhaps you have already found a pattern of elegant dresses and picked up an excellent fabric for him. It happens that the cut is not enough to carve out all the necessary parts with allowances for the bottom seam. Do not rush to shorten the length of the hem, it can completely change the silhouette. It is not necessary and replace the full hem with a narrow hem. Instead, pay attention to one interesting type of edge processing.

The so-called "false" bending performs the same functions as the conventional lower allowance. But in this case, the part is cut out of another piece of fabric or braid, and do not use the free edge of the product. The processing method allows you to create the same neat graphics silhouettes, as with a conventional fold.

Performance technique

Cut a 6 cm wide strip so that the warp and weft threads are positioned in the same way as on the main product. Instead of fabric, you can use lace or braid of appropriate thickness.Align the front sides of the parts and connect them with a machine stitch (for convenience, pre-fix the fabric with pins).

You can pre-process the edges of the hem on the overlock. Remove the parts and sew on the front side, placing the seam as close as possible to the edge of the product. The junction of the parts must be on the wrong side. The top edge sew with secret stitches.

Instead of fabric, you can use different materials, braid, lace, lining.

Fake hem is ideal for thick fabrics with bulk embroidery, or beaded or sequins.

For thin, flowing fabrics, use fake hem from synthetic lace.

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