To register on the site, you must fill out the registration form, as well as familiarize yourself with theUser Agreement.

Press the "Login / Register" button.

Fill out the registration form.

Required fields:

  • Email (email address)- Enter your email (email address). An email will be sent to the specified email with a link to activate.
  • Login- Specify a login so that you do not use the email to log in. Login must contain only Latin letters, the characters "-", "_" and numbers.

Optional fields to fill:

  • Password- You can enter your password, or leave this field blank and then it will be generated automatically.We strongly recommend that you fill in the "Password" field yourself! Save (save) the password and not transfer it to anyone.
  • Name- You can specify a name to display on the site, or leave this field blank and then the name will be generated automatically.


After filling out and submitting the form (clicking the "Register" button), you will receive a letter with confirmation of registration at the specified email address. You need to follow the link given in the email.

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