Fashion autumn manicure 2017

The fashion for manicure in the nail industry is as unpredictable as in the case of clothing. Sometimes it can be dramatic changes, and sometimes only minor innovations. But since manicure has long become an important component of a stylish image, we invite you to learn about the fashion trends of the coming autumn of 2017, to always remain in trend. After all, as popular wisdom says: "Prepare a sledge in the summer."

Main trends

In the future season, as well as several previous ones, naturalness remains in fashion. Too long nail-stilettos are a thing of the past, as well as extensions. But if exactly building up is a real salvation for you, then it should be as close as possible to the natural look and shape of your real nails.

With regard to design, the gurus of the nail industry argue that in the cold season it should be as bright as possible. Different decor will be relevant: semi-beads, rhinestones, bouillons, spraying, rubbing, sparkles.

Among the main trends are:

French. A classic that is always in fashion.But if it seems too boring to you, then you can choose one and the following options:

  • millennium-jacket - covering the tips with sequins;
  • color - color coating (it is also possible that the whole plate is covered with one tone, and the tip on top is covered with another color);
  • fun - use of different decor;
  • non-standard - for example, triangular.

Manicure frame. This is one of the most daring and original ideas. First, a layer is applied on the nail around the perimeter of the nail, it will serve as a frame, and after the middle is filled with varnish of a different shade. Excellent looking contrasting options. But It is worth noting that this option is suitable for an extended nail plate, otherwise it may look sloppy.

Negative space.The main "trick" of this trend is that unpainted pieces with different shapes (geometric patterns, hearts, asterisks) are left on the nails, akin to cut-outs on clothes through which the body is visible. A definite plus negative space is that it is suitable for any form of nails.

Bubble nails. This is perhaps the strangest trend, which, despite everything, has its fans. It can be done by applying a large number of layers of gel polish, so that it creates a semblance of balls. It does not always look neat, but, nevertheless, very fashionable.

Matt + gloss. This combination will be very relevant in the future autumn season. Forms, the area of ​​a combination and colors can be any. Welcome also a discreet, discreet decor (sticky strips, single crystals, glitter).

Fur manicure. Another unusual trend for the cold season. But if the bold nail designers decided not to be modest, and decorate their nails with a voluminous fluffy decor, then for everyday wear you can choose a more discreet option. For example, a short, but no less spectacular "weed".

Also in autumn 2017, a velvet coating, various patterns made with stencils and stamping plates, as well as various types of ombre will be in fashion. But remember, a manicure will look stylish and neat only with proper hand care. Love yourself!

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