Fashion trends of summer 2014: which jacket to choose

Actual models of 2014

Classic colors for cropped jackets are blue, green, red, orange. They create a festive summer mood. Of course, only stylish girls and women who constantly follow the fashion will dare to wear them. Still remains relevant jacket-bolero. Especially popular in the summer of 2014 will be also a wide cut jackets with ethnic patterns. An ethno jacket is an option for slim, tall and dark girls. Usually on women with fair skin, it looks a bit strange, although sometimes it is original. To dilute the image, as a rule, a belt is used. Jackets of large size or oversize are very popular. Their shoulder landing is low, and the neck is round.
Classic fitted models of jackets will also be relevant in the summer of 2014. This is a daily option for the office: so far nothing can replace them. Although any classic cut can have original and moderninterpretations. Such options are well suited for corporate events and various special occasions. Jackets and jackets without a collar in the summer are becoming more popular than with a collar. They are considered the most fashionable.

Jacket and fabric decor

For the summer of 2014, fashion designers urge to choose jackets with rich decor. These can be original types of buttons, loops, staves, beads, sequins, stripes, stones. Patch pockets are also very popular. As for fabrics, the most popular are knitwear, tweed, velor, satin, flax. It is worth noting that designers do not limit themselves to the choice of fabric, using even chiffon and satin. Such brands as Max Mara, Balmain present in their collections leather jackets that are relevant during the cool summer days. One of the most fashionable styles is the current leather jacket with a three-quarter sleeve. Very interesting models in which both skin and chiffon are used. The combination of the incompatible!
In the trend of 2014, jackets without buttons and fasteners: they were presented in their collections by Kenzo, Antonio Berardi, Akris, Bonsui. For summer holidays, romantic and feminine lace jackets are very popular.Stylish, fashionable, but not hot. Original jewelry jackets are also popular in the summer of 2014. For example, the back of a classic jacket can be all embroidered with sequins. Or they can be fully decorated with a jacket collar. Such a mega-stylish new dress is perfect for a party or dinner in a restaurant.

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