Fashion tricks for your man to be crazy about you

What is it to wear a date to conquer it at first sight? Common situation? I want to look not only fashionable, but also to make a lasting impression on a man. How to dress so that a man does not take his eyes off you, the editors of told Victoria-Ekaterina Frank.
Victoria Catherine is a trainer of personal growth, the author of the training “Fall in Love in 10 Seconds”, an expert of the Training Center SEX.RF.
Victoria Catherine Frank

So, you met a cool guy, and he invited you on a date. Let's take a look at how to competently create your image to meet with him on the example of four dates. But before this the main rule: every meeting you need to create a surprise effect. A man builds a pattern in his head, he thinks that he expects in what image he will see you. Therefore, every date you will have a new image.

First date

All four dates should be divided by color. For the first date, blue is well suited, because it has, but at the same time it creates a sense of distance.The man has the impression: “This girl is not so simple!” It can be a rich blue color, but not dark. And it is also very important that he be at the face, for example, a scarf around his neck or a jacket. On a blue background, the face looks fresher and more pink. To the blue jacket is better to pick up a pink top. Not fuchsia, not crimson, namely pink delicate color. Pink top will give the image of femininity, and the blue color of the jacket will keep the shape and distance. For a jacket, pick up a skirt or pants in blue or neutral colors. If the first date to come too gentle, you seem simple to him - such a sissy, Barbie has come. And in order to impress a man, you need to break the pattern.

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Second date

On the second date, I recommend to pick up clothes in white. White is associated with ease, and yet it is always stylish, status and expensive. It is important to choose not milk, not vanilla, not ayvori, namely, a beautiful white color. The form of clothing, too, must be divided. If the first date you were in a jacket and pants or skirt, then on the second you need something feminine, for example, a white dress. Pick up a dress with a V-neck.The female neck is an aphrodisiac for men, so they are especially attracted by the open neck and lengthening in the decollete area (naturally, the neckline should not be navel). Emphasize the elegance of a neck pendant with a pebble on a thin, almost transparent fishing line. However, the image must have a bright and memorable accessory, for example, active earrings or a ring. On the second date, you need to make a more elegant impression - vulgarly, we will not take a man. Of course, a short skirt will give flirty, she can be above the knees, but not mini. The times of miniskirts are over.

Third date

The third date is a nude option. Here we must show our femininity in all its glory. It is desirable that this was a dress or a sundress, only different in style - do not repeat with the second date. If on the first date there was a fully fitted dress, then on the third there should be something aerial. This may be a pleated skirt, a floor skirt or a floor dress. In color it is soft mint, purple, pink or peach.

Fourth date

The first three dates are exciting for a man, he feels like a hunter: he is more nervous and worried.He remembers you, the subconscious fixes the image. By the fourth date, he can relax, and your task is to invigorate him, to create a surprise effect, so that you remain unpredictable for him. This can be done by unconscious reaction. On the fourth date, collect your image from the colors and accessories of the three previous meetings. This combination will cause him memories and feelings of the first three dates. For example, a white jacket, blue skirt and pale pink top.

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