Fashionable and beautiful clothes for obese women (18 photos)

Nowadays, in our state, and throughout the world, the number of fat people has rapidly increased. But fashionable clothes for them are sewn not very much. Fashionable and beautiful clothes for obese women, unfortunately, have recently become rare.

Fat people hate when they feel sorry for them, so we will not sympathize with them. Yes, because of the nonstandard shape, it is much harder for them to pick out normal clothes. But, in fact the main task of every woman is to be able, despite, to look at nothing stunning. So you can safely say it would wish.

Having a full figure, a woman can act in two ways: do sports and start losing weight, or love yourself, despite the large number of kilograms. Whatever version a woman would choose, in any case she would have to find clothes of large sizes.

Do not think that if a girl is full and wears large clothes, then she can never look attractive to a man.Believe me, sometimes pyshechka in a beautiful and well-fitting dress on her looks much more sexy than a slender young lady in an ultrashort skirt. So, finding your style and buying a variety of fashionable clothes designed specifically for obese women, you will be irresistible.

Where can I find?

Women "in the body" can find suitable clothes in a specialty store. The only problem is that there are not so many such boutiques, and the prices are not the cheapest. The position of clothing manufacturers is not clear enough: on the one hand, they care about the category of women with the “+” size, but on the other, they put such prices that you can go crazy. That is why often plump girls just pass by one, the only store with fashionable clothes for them.

If clothing manufacturers stubbornly don’t want to lower the prices of their products, you can simply use their ideas. How exactly? Find a good outfit, dress or blouse in the store, try it on and quickly and imperceptibly for sellers write down the size, color and manufacturer's company with the things that fit you perfectly.

Then say goodbye and say that you will think a little over the purchase.When you come home, sit down at the computer and start studying on the Internet information in groups, on websites and in online clothing stores for complete. There you can find the thing that you have tried on with everything recently in a fashionable boutique for a more reasonable price. Perhaps it will have to wait a little bit, but you will save finances and be able to purchase additional goods on them.

The main problem of choosing the right things for obese girls is that often because of non-standard forms, clothing either weighs or is tight, and sometimes both occur at the same time. In order not to face such troubles, you can sew clothes to order. In general, this is the most ideal option for choosing a wardrobe. Since in the end you get everything that your soul desires regarding this thing: style, length, color. In order to sew fashionable things for yourself, you must have three things: a good seamstress and a fabric store, as well as taste.

How to wear it correctly?

Completeness is different. In some women, it manifests itself in the voluminous upper: a large chest and wide arms, others in massive hips and a large dad. Although there are cases when a woman can boast not only outstanding breasts, booty, but also a stomach.

Depending on the personal characteristics of the figure, a woman should choose clothes for herself.

If you ignore this simple rule, you can horribly distort the proportions of your body.

For women with small breasts, narrow shoulders and large, wide hips, it is necessary to take into account that in the female figure the main thing is proportionality. Therefore, your main goal should be a visual increase in the top. This can be successfully achieved by striped sweaters and sweaters. Also you need to wear blouses with decorative elements on your chest.

Just do not overdo it with ruffles and rhinestones. Neat embroidery or multi-colored inserts will be enough. With this physique you need to wear black, blue and dark brown, not tight pants and light, cream and white shirts.

If you have a magnificent top, and you do not have priests, like Jennifer Lopez, then you should wear absolutely opposite things. For such a figure as you have perfect skirts, but they should not be narrowed. Flared to the bottom of the skirt will look best on you. But it is better to refuse cuts and open decollete area, closed jackets will look best.

Special features

  • Clothes for plump girls should have some secrets. Consider the main ones:
  • The fabric of your clothes should be thick and natural.
  • Proper arrangement of the folds in clothing can visually pull the stomach and hide the excess in the hips.
  • The vertical bar is now your ally. Only it should be of medium size: small - it will ruffle, large - complete.
  • Be sure to wear elongated jackets. They do not have to be dark, the main thing is to find a good style. Combine jackets and jackets with dresses and shirts.
  • Do not buy too wide things and stop hiding in clothes.
  • Also, knitwear does not suit you: sweaters and dresses, which tend to traitorously emphasize all the flaws.
  • You will look amazing if you learn how to combine several things at the same time. For example, wear a tight turtleneck, and a top knit jacket over it. Only in this version you can wear knitwear.
  • Putting on pants, try to cover their top. And remember that with a full figure, wearing a belt on the pants is not necessary.
  • Sweatshirts, T-shirts and T-shirts should not be short.
  • Wear bright, monophonic things. But from the leopard and tiger prints better to give up in favor of purple, blue and green colors.
  • Be sure to wear shoes with heels. It does not have to be an ultra-thin stud. A steady, wide and high heel will look harmonious and stylish.
  • Dresses for the full look just gorgeous, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing them.
  • Do not wear unnecessarily colorful things. This attraction of attention to you is nothing.

Clothing for fat people should not be different from the usual things that we constantly see in fashion magazines. Do not be sad if your body does not fit into the fashionable standards. You have every right to dress beautifully and stylishly.

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