Fashionable hats, Winter 2015-2016, photo

Fashion hats, Winter 2014-2015, photoIn winter, more than ever, you want warmth and comfort. And it is during this period that we begin to wear hats, hats and berets hated to us. After all, they so quickly spoil the styling, on which you worked all morning. Therefore, we try as long as possible to walk without hats, and with the first glimpses of heat we hide them in the farthest corners of the wardrobe. Today we select the most acceptable options that will not spoil your appearance, but make it the other way round - the most fashionable.

This winter there was a real fur explosion. Designers prefer eccentric forms and excessive hyperbolization. Since fur is the most suitable material for our winter, its popularity cannot but rejoice. Marc Jacobs, Missoni and Louis Vuitton offer huge hats like illustrations from some fairy tales. Such models are invited to wear at least where: in the cafe, at work, and in the feast, and in the world. And you can even not take them indoors, the most important thing is not to get a heat stroke.This style came to us from the eighties, which are now at the peak of popularity.

Women's hats winter 2015

Fashion hats, Winter 2014-2015, photo


If in the last season the red color was pushed into the background, then in it it again is in demand. Combine it with black, burgundy and other shades of red. In autumn and winter, the noble saturated colors are also actual: yellow-orange, green, brown, white, gray and blue. In the latter, by the way, fur is most often dyed.

Fashion hats, Winter 2014-2015, photo

Prints also delight with its diversity. This season is a lot of cage, however, in its coloring it looks very much like Chinese bags and rustic tablecloths. From dresses and outerwear, flowers and fabulous animals migrated to hats. This is most clearly seen in the Dolce & Gabbana collection.


Fashion hats, Winter 2014-2015, photo

We could see classic wide-brimmed hats at Emporio Armani shows. In addition, Lanvin and Donna Karan have miniature kettles and the same models, but of enormous size. Such hats almost half covered the faces of the models, and it was amazing how they managed to walk on the runway. If you are a lover of “extreme fashion”, you will like the shape and decor of these models.

Fashion hats, Winter 2014-2015, photo

Caps with lacquered visors, officer caps - all this is a tribute to the military style.It is still relevant, especially in the cold season with its trench coats and golden epaulets. Another interesting trend is scarves and veils. They were decorated with luxurious stones, beads and embroidery. The girls at the Dolce & Gabbana show looked like medieval knights. This once again proves that designers today to a fabulous theme. Hats-fez, though associated with representatives of certain religions, were successfully beaten by designers. Examples can be found in the collections of John Galliano, Tia Cibani and Carolina Herrera.

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