Fashionable Manicure 2014

No modern girl can consider her image complete without well-groomed hands and stylish nail art. Fashionable manicure is one of the main elements of the style, which is as important as the correctly chosen accessories, clothes and shoes, together making the whole look perfect. In order to look modern, you need to follow new trends. Nail art 2014 is a set of variations: from simple ideas that can easily be made at home to professional nail art, which is offered by beauty salons.

What designers and stylists recommend in 2014

Speaking of fashionable manicure in 2014, it should immediately be noted that the complex and elaborate designs faded into the background. Today, stylish manicure has become easier and more accessible. It can be created both at home and visiting beauty salons, if you want nail art to look more professional.

Manicure Ideas 2014:

  • Plain finish is a great fashion solution to complete an image. Experts recommend choosing muted tones for the cold period and bright, rich (red, orange, yellow,light green) - for the warm season.

  • Classic French manicure that will make your nails beautiful and well-groomed. It looks great on any length of the nail, suitable for all occasions, ideal for both the office and at the spa, celebration. The free edge can be completely any color, while the nail itself remains pale pink. In addition, the free edge of the specialists of the nail service can cover in several tones and colors.

  • Drawings on the nails - a design that is best trusted by professional craftsmen and beauty salons, since the variations are many: from simple strips (vertical, horizontal) to complex works of art. Separately, it is necessary to highlight a design that mimics lace.

  • Lunar neyl art is gaining particular popularity, making the female pen elegant, and the fingers - graceful. The design itself is a contrasting combination of colors, for example: white with crimson, green or blue with gold.

  • Caviar manicure is a fashion trend and hit of the season, which is a coating of the nail plate with small balls resembling eggs.

Fashionable colors for manicure 2014

Stylists and designers recommend preferring pastel shades if you are a fan of French manicure and bright, rich (green, yellow, gold, red, coral, turquoise), if you like the moon design, monochrome nail art.

The choice of shade of nail art for nail art must be approached responsibly, it must be in harmony with the whole image as a whole (clothes, shoes, accessories). Correctly selected tone will be the finishing touch of the image of a modern woman.

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