Fashionable maternity coats: a review of the stylish models of spring 2015

Pregnancy and fashion - concepts that seem to most women are absolutely incompatible. However, this is a delusion. After all, the days when the “uniform” for pregnant women were denim overalls, stretched T-shirts and jackets with someone else’s shoulder have long gone. Each fashion season on the catwalks there are all new collections for expectant mothers, differing in practicality of cut, comfort of materials and current style accents. Today we invite you to find out which coats will be the most fashionable in this spring season.

Fashionable coats for pregnant 2015: a review of current styles

In this spring season, different versions of fashionable coats are available for future mothers. For everyday wear, classic coat with buttons is suitable. Despite the fact that outerwear sits on the figure, the feature of the buckle does not allow to overtighten the stomach.

Oversize coats are the absolute trend of 2015, and not only for pregnant women. For future mothers, both shortened models with wide sleeves and a lowered shoulder line, as well as maxi-plus options, are suitable. In this model, it is better to give preference to the natural muted colors: gray, beige, sand, olive.

In unstable spring weather, the Cape or Cape is an indispensable thing for pregnant women. It may be without fasteners or draw on the cord at the gate, but it is better to choose the option that is zipped. You can also choose a model with sleeves, without them or with slits.

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Midi will be the fashionable long coat for pregnant women in 2015. Short coats, resembling elongated jackets, also will not give up their positions. Well, fans of long models will find suitable coats to the floor.

As for the material, there are no bright favorites among them. Both quilted coats and woolen, leather, tweed coats, as well as models combining their combinations are in fashion. For example, the expectant mother will look very stylish in a tweed coat with large buttons and leather sleeves.

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How to choose a coat for a pregnant woman

It’s not so easy to choose a coat for a pregnant woman. Therefore, we offer you some practical recommendations that will help you decide on the style.

First, do not try to hide the stomach. Let the coat emphasize your rounded shape, and you will feel attractive. Secondly, choosing a fashionable coat, you should take into account the possible increase in weight and volume and leave a small margin. If the budget is limited, it is better to choose a model that can be worn after childbirth. The most interesting options in this regard are overlays coats. Third, when choosing a material, be guided by the following parameters: naturalness, ability to provoke allergies, comfort. The fabric should be pleasant to the touch, protect from the wind and not hamper movement. Fourth, pay special attention to accessories. Do not give them up. The main thing is that all kinds of clasps are not pressed.

And fifth, do not limit the color range. Coat color can be not only dark or pastel. A pregnant woman should wear bright clothes in order to constantly sign positive emotions.

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