Fasting: the pros and cons. How to avoid harm from one-day fasting?

During severe stress or illness, a person loses his appetite. Automatically he even has an aversion to food. This is a manifestation of the natural processes of recovery of the body. This, of course, is not a panacea for any disease. However, fasting is one of the most powerful ways to influence the human body. Moreover, this method is very stressful, but it allows to achieve amazing results. This method should not be considered as simple. When fasting is necessary to remember many nuances. Currently, it has gained many supporters. Among them are the Fields of Bragg, who believes that during fasting it is impossible to go to extremes, for example, to lead a long dry fasting without movement.Paul Chappius Bragg is a famous American practitioner in the field of alternative medicine. He is a naturopath and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, a showman and a businessman.
The advantages of fasting include the fact that with this method, internal metabolism is rebuilt. In this case, the human body can switch to its own internal energy reserves. Thus, with the help of this procedure, body fat is reduced, and this contributes to an enhanced fight against cellulite and overweight.
Medical fasting also contributes to the purification at the cellular and molecular levels. In this case, you can achieve the effect of rejuvenation of tissues and cells of the body. The researchers found that fasting can be an assistant in the fight against cancer and inflammatory cells of the body. Practice has shown that fasting is particularly productive in cases where complications may arise when using medications or if the patient is overweight.
With the help of fasting, you can cure allergies, skin diseases, asthma, atherosclerosis, obesity, metabolic disorders, cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, nervosa and depression and much more.
However, one-day fasting can be dangerous.However, it can only bring harm to those who cannot control the food after a fasting day. Of course, the general state of health will be affected if a person suddenly and abruptly makes such a load. With caution to such starvation should be people with intestinal and gastric diseases.One-day fasting is one of the most benign methods for losing weight and healing the human body.
The disadvantages of fasting include the very complexity of this procedure. Especially painful, it passes in the first time, when the feeling of hunger is exacerbated. This may entail exacerbation of chronic diseases, sleep disorders, irritability. In addition, there may be a disease like acidosis. It manifests itself in the fact that a white bloom forms in the human tongue, and the smell from the mouth begins to resemble acetone.

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