Features and sequence of mounting siding

Siding is a durable and aesthetic plastic panels for the exterior of the facade. Installation of siding is carried out in a shorter time than fixing other finishing materials. This fact, as well as the affordable cost of the material itself, makes it a popular product among similar materials on the market.

To perform the exterior of the building using siding you can do it yourself or order a service from professionals. As a rule, a team of masters provide construction companies, as well as dealers siding.

Siding panels have low weight, which facilitates their transportation and installation. The fastening technology is quite simple, special tools are also not required, so you can even install a siding even a beginner, see the website for more details.

Basic siding assembly sequence

High-quality execution of fastening polymer structures ensures their long-term use. The service life of plastic panels with proper installation is 40-50 years.

The list of services provided when ordering installation of siding includes:

  • Departure for measurement and reconnaissance
  • Drawing up estimate documentation
  • Signing a contract
  • Storing materials and transporting them to the site
  • Disassembly
  • Siding installation
  • Removal of residues of material and debris, cleaning of the object
  • Putting into operation, signing documentation, providing a guarantee

Installation Features

An old, covered building needs dismantling. After removal of coatings and materials, walls are cleaned and treated with antiseptics. This protects the surface from the growth of microorganisms.

The main points you need to know when orderingsiding installationin the company:

  • Siding needs to be fixed to the crate. This design corrects the curvature of the walls and provides additional ventilation to avoid rotting. For wooden and frame houses, a wood construction is used, for a concrete, brick structure, steel crate is suitable. The crate also needs treatment - woodwork from pests and mold, and the metal model from corrosion.It should be remembered that the mounting of vertically directional siding is made on a horizontally installed crates and vice versa. Wooden crate is cheaper, and made of metal is easier to install.
  • The use of siding implies hydro and thermal insulation works.
  • The necessary tools are the most common, available in everyday life, both of the summer resident and the person performing minor "household" repairs at home - a handsaw, screws and nails, a hammer, pliers, rope, stairs, level, chalk, etc.

Fastening of the panels is performed with an overlap, which allows you to protect the facade of the building from precipitation, exposure to the sun and wind.

By the time the installation of siding takes about two to three weeks, the cost varies from 200 to 350 rubles per square meter, depending on the conditions of work.

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