Features of a professional leaf as material for a roof

Today, when organizing the roof apply a variety of materials. The long-time familiar slate and roofing material are gradually fading, they were replaced by more modern and practical coatings. And one of the most popular is the professional sheet. Strong, durable and affordable material is preferred by most consumers. It is increasingly used in industrial and private construction. Last but not least, such demand is due to the variety of types of coverage. Therefore, it is worth figuring out which one is best for you, and at the same time to study

material’s performance characteristics >

Key Features

Profiled is a sheet of steel, the surface of which is dotted with a wavy pattern. To do this, the material is passed through a special machine. Sheet forming is carried out in a cold way. Profiles can have different widths, heights and vary in configuration.Iron is protected from corrosion by a special polymer coating.

Compared with slate, decking is not just a more modern material, but also has an advantage in a number of performance indicators. The advantages of coverage should be counted:

  • low weight;
  • durability;
  • resistance to mechanical impact;
  • easy installation and maintenance;
  • a wide palette of colors.

Separately, it is worth noting that the professional flooring surpasses slate in terms of aesthetics, it is convenient when creating shaped roofs or a roof of a complex geometric shape. In addition, the steel coating is completely eco-friendly. It does not emit any compounds, odors. In work the professional flooring is simple and convenient. It is mounted using hardware with gaskets (for tighter fixation), easily cut into pieces of any size and shape. It can be laid on a variety of types of roofs (the angle of inclination must be at least 8 degrees). In addition, due to the small mass, the use of this coating allows you to solve problems with reducing the weight of the roof and the load on the supporting structural elements.

Choice Features

Profiled available in a wide range of types.To choose the right one for the roof, it is worth initially to study the marking. Different types of sheeting differ in scope. Identify the desired can be by letter: C - wall; H - for facing works and NS - roofing.

In addition, the focus is also on the thickness indicator. This parameter depends on the service life, resistance to deformation, as well as the price of corrugated board. Choose for roofing work better coverage of at least 0.4 mm in thickness. Profile picture on the surface is also different. This indicator largely determines the aesthetics of the future roof, its carrying capacity, endurance in relation to the dynamic loads. So, professional flooring with wide, composite or triangular corrugation is most often used. This type of pattern makes the coating more resistant to deformation, durable.

In addition, for the roof is to choose sheets with a protective polymer coating. It may vary in quality. However, this depends on the durability of the aesthetic characteristics of the roof, the protection of the metal from corrosion. So, for the organization of the roof is to choose materials, the top coating which is made of:

  • polyester - has excellent decorative properties, can be matte or glossy, of different colors;
  • pural - durable and aesthetic material, tolerates temperature fluctuations and climatic impact;
  • PVDF is a special paint, reliable and practical. This coating is today considered the best, it is excellent against wear and even the effects of certain chemicals.

However, it is worth noting that the price of sheets processed with PVDF is the highest. Not always the use of such materials for the organization of the roof is justified from a rational point of view. In principle, quite profiled with polymer coating (plastisol). Such materials are more affordable, but they are able to maintain aesthetics for a long time, despite the influence of weather and climatic factors.

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