Felt mobile case

The most important and necessary electronic object in our time is a mobile phone. In modern life, we simply cannot imagine our existence without a mobile phone, since, starting from a small schoolboy, and ending with adults and the elderly, have this quite a few important subject. Every parent will always be calm if his child is always in touch and can tell where he is and whether he needs help. The same with grandmothers and grandfathers, they are like children who also need care and care, and already their adult children, having typed and heard the voice, will ask about their health and remain calm, because their parents are okay no worries. It follows one conclusion that the phone is just a necessary thing, which is worn daily with them. Accordingly, every day the phone can scratch, fall, wipe, but you need to serve it for a very long time, then you need a special protective case for its safe storage.There are no problems with the sale of mobile phones in shopping outlets, they are of different sizes for a specific model, from different materials: leather, silicone, from leather substitute, etc. Everything is good, but you really want your phone to have an exclusive and an unusual cover, which can be made with your own hands, to sew it, for example, from felt and decorate with beads, buttons and other decor. Just this informative master class will teach us how to sew such an interesting cover by ourselves. So, you can start sewing and we will need to take: • Acrylic felt of red, pink, white and turquoise colors 1.5 -2 mm; • Cardboard for flower patterns; • White threads and floss of several colors; • Czech beads of red, green, yellow, blue, brown and orange color; • • Wooden buttons: pink and red flowers, pink bird, round red button with white polka; • Cabochons with rhinestones white silver and pink; • Plastic buttons red, white and pink; • Crystal Moment Glue; • • Beads and bead needles; • Cotton cord, white-red; • Scissors, ruler,pencil.
Felt cover
 we need to take
Working with felt is very nice, because it is soft and it is easy to sew, besides, we will not particularly invent, and we will sew a cover by hand. So, take our phone and apply it to the felt to determine the size. The case itself will be pink-red.
we need to take
 It's very pleasant to work with felt
From pink felt we cut out a cut 6.5 * 21 cm, and from red 6.5 * 12 cm. We fold the red cut to pink, turn it upside down, and starting from the right corner we sew pink threads of floss with a cap stitch.
 And from pink felt we cut out
 we cover the cover in a circle
We do not interrupt sewing and we cover the cover in a circle .
 we sheathe the cover in a circle
 we sew the cover in a circle
Try on the phone in the cover .We cut the loop and we sew it with threads so that it does not become shabby. We sew a button on the loop level.
 We fit the phone into the cover
 We put the phone in the case
Cut from different felt
 sew a button
Draw color templates on cardboard.
 sew the button
Draw color patterns
Cut out flowers and circles of different sizes from different felt.
Cut out from different felt
 Cut out from different felt
Lay the flower on the flower and sew beads.
Impose flower
 We put a flower
We tie a bow.Now glue we glue buttons, flowers, bow and cabochons.  Tie a bow  sticking flowers Everything, the cover is ready. You can attach the phone and get the result. Thank you for your attention.
 Felt case for mobile phone
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/10/1444-chehol-iz-fetra-dlya-mobilnogo-telefona.jpg" alt="Carrying case for mobile phone" title="Carrying case made of felt for mobile phone ">
 Felt case for mobile phone

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