Felt cats in love

Materials and tools:

  1. felt (2 mm thick) in two colors - blue and pink;
  2. colored threads and needle;
  3. rope;
  4. 4 black beads
  5. filler (sintepon)
  6. four flat magnets
  7. two buttons;
  8. scissors;
  9. paper and pencil.

Step 1

We draw on the sheet of paper a template for kitty details: a body for a boy and a girl, pens, tails. Cut out. We transfer the template to the felt and cut out the details of the seals.

We take one detail of the seals of a boy and a girl and embroider a muzzle with white threads on them: nose and mouth. Then we embroider the half of the heart with yellow threads on each of the parts so that if we put them next to them they form a heart.

We do the same on the other two body parts.

Sew beads (eyes) on the part with embroidered face.

Step 2

We take two parts for the handle, sew them along one side. In the palm we put a flat magnet and sew. We put a rope in the handle (instead of a filler) and completely sew the handle parts on the other side.Cut off the excess rope.

Repeating this step, sew 3 more pens for seals: 2 pink and 2 blue.

Step 3

We sew tails for cats.

Tail sew exactly the same way as the handle just do not put the magnet. We take two parts of the tail and sew them, and put the rope inside.

Then we sew the tail to the back part of the body, use the button to decorate the place of sewing.

Step 4

Build a cat. We sew together two parts of the cat's body and at the same time sew handles. We leave a small hole, fill the body with a padding polyester and sew up a hole.

Stitching of all parts is done with overlapping (looped) seam.

Similarly, we sew a second cat.

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