Feng Shui Home Office

If you are going to allocate an office in your house where you will be engaged in important matters, you should make sure that work in it is productive. To do this, use the teachings of Feng Shui, which for many centuries has helped people streamline the flow of energy in the rooms.

The areas where mental work will be most fruitful and where the formation of financial well-being is easiest is the north side of the dwelling, as well as the north-east, north-west and south-east. Thus, regardless of the layout of your home, you can always equip your work area in accordance with these guidelines. If its basic layout does not allow to allocate the correct space, then home or office partitions in Rostov-on-Don of any size and even in the suburbs can be found without problems. With their help, you can easily create the desired corner.

As for furniture, despite the widespread belief that office furniture in Rostov-on-Don is appropriate, but not at home, the office desk and chair will be the most compromise option.Moreover, it is the office furniture that has the necessary ergonomics for comfortable work. And this does not contradict the philosophy of Feng Shui.

The table should be positioned so that the person behind it is facing the front door. Sitting facing the wall will lead to stagnation of energy. If suddenly in your office there are no other options, then on the wall, where you face, you need to place a landscape. It will give space depth and normalize the flow of energy.

Mental activity and financial sphere require the predominance of yang energy. In this, again, we will be helped by office furniture, where there are clear straight lines. To enhance this energy, it is preferable to hang the blinds on the windows rather than the curtains. If you have installed partitions, make sure that there are no patterns in the form of waves or circles on them.

Proper lighting is very important to the home office. It will not only allow less tired eyes, but also saturate the room with positive energies. At the same time, the light should not fall directly on the person’s head, as it will create psychological pressure and tension.

It is worth considering that, although the office is located at home, this is not a bedroom or a children's room. The color scheme here should not be too pastel or bright. Saturated, but calm tones - this is the best color solution for a home office.

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