Filigree work of a talented jeweler: rings resembling cities

A talented person is talented in everything. This expression fully characterizes the American Ola Shechtman (), traveling the world in search of new ideas for creativity. Being at the same time a designer, a jeweler and a photographer, she not only admires the beauty of urban landscapes and catches their special touches, but also transfers them to rings. Cast in metal architectural structures are not without grace. At the same time, they are recognizable and unrepeatable.

Each of the rings is the result of hard work. In Ola's hands, the metal becomes supple and turns into refined jewelry. With a slicker in her hands, the girl achieves the effect of volume, turning out every detail and bringing it to perfection. By the work of a talented designer, it is easy to track which parts of the world she has already managed to visit. London and Paris, Berlin and Stockholm, Hong Kong and San Francisco are just some of the cities whose beauties are encased in metal through the efforts of Ola Shechtman.

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