Find 10 differences: Buzova became an exact copy of Kostenko

Fans are wondering why Olga changed her hair.

What does a woman do when she finds out about her husband's treason? After crying into the river of tears, she goes to the gym, to the beautician, to the beauty salon, in order to at least somehow raise her self-esteem. Perhaps, she hopes that the traitor will see her in a new image and come back. Or at least regret their decision. But men rarely feel sorry.

It happened in the family of "tarabuzikov." Olga Buzova, having learned about the infidelity of her husband - football player Dmitry Tarasov, first of all decided to change her appearance. The glorified blonde suddenly repainted in a dark color and increased her lips. Even then, fans began to compare Buzova with Tarasov’s new girlfriend, Anastasia Kostenko.

Evil tongues advised Olga to enlarge and chest. But from this Buzova flatly refused. The girl has repeatedly confessed: she is proud of her form and will never fall under the knife.

“I need someone who loves me with all my flaws, cockroaches and complexes, small breasts and wrinkles around the eyes,” she said once.

After the “upgrade” of the external, Olga took up the “upgrade” of the internal one.Buzova started singing and a year later became one of the most sought after singers in the country. Her hits are always on the first lines in iTunes, and by the number of followers on Instagram, she can only compete with Western stars.

But the other day, the fans returned to the topic “Buzova v Kostenko”. The occasion was a new hairstyle singer. Olga grew her hair and changed color from deep black to dark blonde. Just like Anastasia Kostenko. Fans immediately began to persuade the singer to return to the previous image.

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“With the caret you were individual, and with long hair you looked like Kostenko. You feel good, but you are even more like her. You shouldn’t kill individuality in yourself! ” “Caret is better. Some have cut their hair like you, and now you are just like an ordinary girl. ”

However, opinions among subscribers, as always, are divided. Many were delighted with the new image of Buzova.

“Olya, this length suits you. You now look at the age of 16 ". “In our salon, everyone was asking to cut, paint, make styling under Buzova. Now, apparently, will ask to increase. You, Olga, well done, set the fashion. "

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