Finishing a bathroom in a wooden house

Interior decoration in a wooden house has a number of features that must be considered in order for you not to waste your time and your money. Wood is a material that constantly reacts to temperature and humidity outside, and especially indoors. Therefore, to finish the bathroom should be approached with the utmost seriousness and understanding of this situation. In this case, ceramic tiles are supposed to be the final finishing material. And since the tile cannot be glued to wood in any case, it is necessary to sheathe the walls with waterproof, reliable material. Walls are sewn up with sheets of moisture-resistant gypsum fiber.
sewn with sheets
Such sheets have a thickness of 2-2.5 cm, it will serve as a serious protection for the tree, from moisture, which will be formed in your bathroom. In order for the tile to hold perfectly on the wall and delight you with its beauty for many years,The walls are carefully processed by the composition "Concrete contact".  cover
 special mortar
Tile installation begins with the floor. The floor tile is laid in an ideally horizontal plane, for this it is necessary to regularly use the construction level.
 Installing a tile begins with the floor
If the plane is original the floor is far from ideal, it is necessary to level it, gradually increasing the layer of glue.
 gradually increasing the layer
Steno The first tile must be started from the bottom row, gradually moving upwards.  Wall Tiles When the installation of wall tiles is finished, proceed to the jointing. This process is carried out with a special solution for jointing. The solution is rubbed into the intertight seams using a soft rubber spatula. soft dry cloth It is necessary to work with the grout solution rather quickly, as it crystallizes rather quickly and dries. It’s best to treat not the entire surface at once, but small sections of it. Excess solution is removed from the surface of the tile with a soft dry cloth.
 Finishing the bathroom in a wooden house
In order for the ceiling to have a flat, smooth surface, it was decided to use sheets of moisture-resistant gypsum Cardboard. To begin with mounted on the ceiling frame of the rails.
 framework of laths
Then, sheets of drywall were sewn onto this framework. are processed by the composition Plain drywall is not advisable to use in rooms with high levels of humidity. And since it is planned to install a bath with a hydromassage in our bathroom, it is necessary to approach the selection of all materials with special attention. The gypsum board was treated with a modern cement filler and painted in several layers with a white paint for wet rooms. sheets of drywall In order for the line between the ceiling and the wall to look clearly and harmoniously, along the line of the perimeter they fixed a white polystyrene foam ceiling plinth. Such a plinth is glued to any surface using ordinary mounting glue. In order for the plinth to fit perfectly, the corners must be cut using a special construction block. Now it remains to erase traces of paint and putty from the walls and floor. Our wonderful modern bathroom is ready.
 Finishing the bathroom

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