Fire doors

Fire safety requires the installation of fire doors in the enterprise. It is necessary to separate the 3 sectors, installing fire doors. Who can tell where to buy them in St. Petersburg, everywhere only ordinary doors sell?
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Answered on February 28, 13:49
There are companies that manufacture and install fire doors. For example, in St. Petersburg, you can purchase them here. Look, maybe you are not geographically far, but I think it’s not difficult to translate the city. It is very convenient that there is a warranty service. These doors need to be installed correctly, otherwise neither smoke nor fire, they will not stop.
Answered on February 28, 13:54
We also recently installed a fire door. And the door between the warehouses, which, I hope, we will not close. But fire safety is necessary, therefore, set.
Masha Vesnova
Masha Vesnova
Answered on February 28, 13:58
Safety first. We have at work all the fire doors between warehouses and office space. How else? Flammable goods are stored in warehouses, no one wants to burn.And the door fire will delay at least an hour.

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