Five-year-old son Chekhova opened a museum and sells tickets

Solomon was very enterprising: he organized a museum within the walls of his own apartment, and let his mother go there only for money.

In the frame - a close-up of the entrance ticket on which the price is written: 100 rubles. And in the caption to the video, the TV host explains:

“Welcome to the Paleontological Museum. Chekhova! The distinguished guide Solomon Bablishvili will now tell you about rare species of dinosaurs that have flooded our house. ”

The protagonist of the video is only five years old, but he already knows a lot about fossil animals, and still clearly shows a commercial vein.

Photo: @achekhova

“Mr. Tour Guide, please tell us who this is?” - Anfisa Chekhov diligently plays the role of a museum visitor.

The “guide” answers questions immediately, telling about a herbivore and clearly demonstrating that he prefers food. Then switches to a more predatory exhibit - a therizinosaur with long claws.Little Solomon is well aware that such an ancient beast is very dangerous because it eats not only grass but also meat. And it can even artistically show the habits of a dinosaur.

“Oh, how familiar this is to me. Our eldest son, too, since the age of three has been keen on dinosaurs. He is going to become a paleontologist, ”“ A child in 5 years knows more about dinosaurs than I am in my 19 years, ”the subscribers noted.

Others paid more attention to the hair of the TV presenter's son, noting that with her he resembled a girl: “Anfisochka, well, you really can't mow Solik ... he is uncomfortable.”

However, the guy behaves like a real man! Already now she is thinking how to earn and support her family, because, after a divorce, my mother was left without a strong male shoulder.

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