Fleece Snail

I offer you the original fleece toy "Snail". Even a child can sew it, and in an extremely short time. All you need for creativity is a piece of fleece (or thin felt) of arbitrary color, matching threads, a handmade needle and a little padding polyester for stuffing. The very process of sewing the product takes place in the following sequence: • We perform cutting toys in accordance with the attached scheme.
 Toy Scheme
• Prepare small items of the product - eyes and nose. To do this, we lay out frequent small stitches along the circumference of their parts and, pulling them slightly and filling them with padding polyester, finally close them (the balls should turn out) and fix them with a manual seam.
 Preparing small parts of the product
• We sew the middle seams of the main part and the back part with machine seam,as shown in the photo.  using a manual seam
 the details of the back are sewn by the machine seam • Cut a narrow strip of fleece at least 5 cm wide (length is arbitrary and depends on the desired shell size). Fold it in half, stitch open slices and turn it over your face.
 the details of the back are sewn by the machine seam
• rulik. The resulting shell is fixed with a hand seam.
 we sew a snail
 we sew a snail • We connect the basic detail with the details of the back and bottom as shown in photo, leaving a small gap so that you can turn the product on the face. We fill it with sintepon, close the gap and manually connect it with the remaining details of the cochlea. we make a snail  we sew a snail
 sew a snail
If your toy is made of monophonic fabric,I suggest decorating it with acrylic paints.  sew a snail The pattern can be arbitrary and made with a brush or cotton swab (the latter will give a particularly soft effect). Next, from a patch of material of contrasting color, we cut out the straws and sew it to the head as it is done in the photo. Snail is ready!
sew snail
 sew a snail
 Snail fleece
 Fleece snail
Snail fleece

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