Flower bed of old tires

Any owner of the suburban area would like his territory to be the most beautiful and unique in comparison with the neighboring areas. Although nowadays a large assortment of jewelry and materials for the site design is offered in stores, you can still draw up your plan yourself, saving your money on it. In this article we will look at one of the options for how you can make a unique decoration yourself, namely a flower bed of old tires. This flower bed has the shape of a large cup. For this work we need: • Two tires; • Metal profile (50 - 60 cm); • • Metal shears; • Plastic bottles (at least three);• Cordless screwdriver; • Self-tapping screws; • Cobbler; • Acrylic paint; • Brush. To make this flower bed, we need two tires. One of them should be less. These old tires can be asked for free at any tire shop.
As shown in the illustration, the side of the tire must be cut off.This can be done with the help of an ordinary shoe knife. As a result, we get three elements.
 cut the tire
 cut the tire
The next step is to make a handle for a cup. For this we need a metal profile, as well as metal shears. Retreating every 10 cm is necessary to make incisions in the side of the profile. It is necessary to bend it comfortably. The edges of the profile must also be cut and bent so that it is convenient to fasten to the tires.
 cut and bend the profile
 cut and bend the profile
Then, using the screws for metal and screwdriver, you need to screw the handle to the bottom and top of the cup (to the top and bottom tires). These two tires also need to be stapled together. This is done with screws in the inside, as shown in the illustration.
 fasten the handle
In the end, it turns out such a cup. Please note that the third element, which was cut from the side of a large tire, is the basis of the flowerbed, and plays the role of a saucer or stand.
After the cup is ready, we proceed to her decoration. To do this, we need 3 or more plastic bottles, namely their lower part. The base of the bottles can be trimmed with a construction knife and scissors. Thus, we get flowers that can be painted in any color you like. With a single screw you need to screw the flowers on the top of the cup.
 flowers for flowerbed
 flowers for the bed
Next the stage is the painting of the flower bed itself. Acrylic paint is the most suitable for this purpose. Its advantage is that it retains its brightness perfectly, and does not fade with age.Here you have the opportunity to express your imagination, and use those tones that you like. The final stage of the work will be filling the bowl with earth. Then you can plant flowers in it. This bed will be a great decoration for your summer cottage. Its production is not difficult, and with the necessary tools, such a cup can be made in just a few hours. This element will be able to make creative design of your territory, as well as surprise and astonish those who pass this flower bed.  a bed of old tires
a bed of old tires

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