Foamiran Bezel

This hair ornament will complement your bright outfits. This suede is not afraid of water.
 headband made of foamiran
To work on the product you will need materials: - Foamiran of two colors - orange and green.
- lighter. - glue gun. - scissors. - light satin ribbon 1 cm long by 40 cm. - a small piece of thick fabric, - a little lace.
- a few toothpicks. - headband. - foil. Let's get to work, drawing patterns. There will be 6 flowers, 3 of them large and 3 small, several buds. Each petal has three petals. One blank is like a pyramid of three balls, the diameter of which is 5.5 cm and small in 5 cm. These petals need 12 pieces of each size. Substrates for flowers need a diameter of 5 cm and in the form of an irregular star of 6 pieces. And another flower base in the form of a long oval, 13x4 cm in size, 2 pieces.
 by drawing the templates
We start with the preparation of the rim. Take a narrow satin ribbon, and we wind it around the rim, with a slight inclination.We wrap not the whole bezel, but from one edge and reaching the middle. Good glue.
 We start with the preparation of the rim
Now we cut out 2 pieces from the dense fabric of the oval base. On one blank we make 3 double parallel cuts in the width of the rim. And we fix it, passing it on the bezel.
 we cut out from dense fabric
And we stick the second element on top, closing the fasteners with the rim.
paste on top
We also need a lace braid, which we glue along the entire perimeter of the base, about 30 cm long.
will need to lace braid
For the petals, we take plastic orange suede and cut out of it in two sizes of templates of 12 pieces each. And 6 more substrates of green suede.
 cut by templates
And from the remnants, after cutting the blanks, we will make small parts for the buds. We cut droplets from 1 to 1.5 cm in height.And we cut green small blanks in any form.
 cut by templates
Now we stretch the petals with our fingers. First we twist, and then we straighten and in the petals we get a new structure of the material.
 stretch the petals with your fingers
stretch the petals with your fingers

Then we begin to process these blanks with a cigarette lighter. We take a petal and warm each part of it separately along the edge, the suede rolls itself up, makes a bend.
 we begin to process with a lighter
This way we change the shape of all the petals.
 we start to process with a lighter
Now we take the green substrates. We also knead them and twist them with our fingers, but we do not straighten them much.
 stretch and twist with your fingers
>img src="" alt="stretch and twist with your fingers" title="stretch and twist with your fingers">
Getting to the manufacture of roses.But first you need a base from a flower and make it out of foil, rolling up droplets of 0.8 and 1.2 cm in size, 3 pieces of each size.
make from foil

For one flower, we take three petals and a foil base.
 three petals and the base
We fix a drop of foil with a glue gun in the middle first petal. And alternately glue the remaining two parts to it.
 fasten with a glue gun
Now take the second petal and glue the first one onto the middle of it.
fix with glue gun
And also in turn we lift and glue all parts of the workpiece. And with the third row - the petal we do the same. And the rosette is ready.
 with a petal we act like
Our composition has 6 roses.
For ready flowers from the wrong side we glue green substrates.
Now proceed to trim.We make buds out of them. We take a toothpick, it will serve as the basis on which we fix the petals of the bud. For one bud, 5 petals and 3 leaves are enough. Glue them alternately, a little twisting on a toothpick. And we make two buds on one stick.
 make buds
 make buds
And these buds got 8 pieces and still need 6 leaves free .
 we make buds
All the roses and buds are ready, we will collect the bouquet on the base, fixed on the rim. Let's start with the upper corner. First, glue on the edge of three buds, with a fan, and between them there is one leaf each. And in the middle of them we have a small rosette.
 collect a bouquet for the base
Do the same on the other bottom corner. collect a bouquet on the base
And it remains to secure between the two corners the remaining 2 buds, 3 large roses and 1 small. And our “Sun” is ready.
 foamiran bezel
Good luck to all.

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