Focus on one nail: 35 manicure ideas worthy of your attention

Well-groomed nails are an integral part of the image of a modern lady. Having a stylish manicure, you can always demonstrate your taste to others or place accents. One of the current trends in 2018 is a manicure with an emphasis on one finger. The technique of its execution is simple, like all ingenious. Rhinestones, sequins, stickers, drawing pattern with acrylic varnish - all this is used by the masters of nail art. Creating a manicure elevated to the rank of art. If you want to choose the right type of decoration is easy, not only for extended, but also for short nails. We suggest you look at the options for a stylish manicure.

Ideas for manicure with an emphasis on one nail: relevant, nontrivial, elegant

From visualizing a dream to creating your own stylish look, one step. Imagine, experiment, create and never forget that individuality and creativity are always valued especially.

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