To attention of women for 40! Immediately get rid of these things.

You can look stylish and elegant at any age. It is important to understand that the phrase “over 40” that is frightening to some of the fair sex is not a sentence at all. But to reconsider your wardrobe and get rid of extra things - it's time. Do not be afraid, like a sculptor, "cut off all unnecessary." It does not hurt the creation of a new image, moreover, will allow you to feel more confident and increase self-esteem.

Say goodbye to sunglasses in cheap rim

Colored frames and plastic of dubious quality instead of glass - definitely not for you! Moreover, for the view is not the best option. Choose a neutral frame with real glass. This accessory looks stylish and will help reduce the appearance of small wrinkles in the eye area.

"No" to worn bras of dubious quality!

This is where quality should be preferred over quantity.Let you have only a few busts, but those in which it is convenient and comfortable. Additional bonuses to the vacant place on the shelves will increase self-esteem.

Animal prints and glamor are definitely too much!

Mimicious bright fabrics with bows, seals, cartoon heroes, as well as approved by the representatives of Greenpeace knitwear with animal prints will also have to be removed from the wardrobe. At the same time, it is not forbidden to be bright and elegant!

Taboo on black wardrobe

There are so many different colors in the world worthy of being in your clothes. Do not be afraid of bright prints. By the way, you can skillfully combine them with the same black. Nobody offers to get rid of it completely, but it is simply necessary to dilute and splash bright colors.

The dubious appeal of a short skirt

Your knees are still a provocateur! In the ability to give age, they will give odds to even the neck. Remember the forbidden fruit, which is no less sweet, and replace the mini with an elegant pencil skirt. The enthusiastic views of men, and with them envious women, are provided to you.

Sequins and glitter - in the furnace!

Wearing clothes with fish scales is definitely not worth it.An exception for those who do not think life without shine, can become dense fabric "brocade" type. Another acceptable option is beadwork.

Ripped jeans are not your style!

You shouldn’t completely abandon your favorite denim, besides classic is surely coming into fashion. The taboo applies only to the “artistically torn” stylish little things from the wardrobe of teenagers trying to assert themselves. It is very strange these jeans look confident on a mature lady.

Flip flops and slaps of all stripes

This shoe is a place except on the beach or in a sauna. For the shower it also fits perfectly. By the way, stylish sabo with an open heel "slaps" are not. And for ladies who prefer to go without a heel, it is better to look at the “ballet shoes”.

T-shirts with inscriptions and dubious drawings

In the youth environment, this may be accepted, but the lady who has taken such a “dress” obviously has nothing to do with it. Moreover, it makes sense to translate the inscriptions, and the fancy and even “screaming” drawings carry the meaningful meaning as well.

Things "on the floor" - not a panacea

To exclude from the wardrobe “mini” does not mean to switch to “maxi”.There is a mass of stylish and attractive externally intermediate options, including trouser ones.

Colored fur coats and down jackets

An excellent youth option, not without creativity. This style is far from the best choice for a woman who knows herself, who knows herself. It is not necessary to switch exclusively to natural furs. Sheepskin coats and woolen coats have not been canceled!

Oh, those bows!

Bows in the wardrobe frankly smack of nostalgia. They are good at schoolgirls. To introduce the element of romance bows are capable of the image of a young girl. A solid lady for this purpose is more suitable at the peak of popularity, unobtrusive ruffles and frills, but only in a small amount.

Shoes should not be boring

Nobody calls on shoes to wear boots, complemented by contrasting lacing, or lacquer “hooves” of acid color. But bright, and even shiny, boats or silver shoes-Oxford will fit perfectly into the wardrobe.

You can look feminine and stylish regardless of the past years. The main thing is not to doubt oneself and piously remember that femininity simply has no age.By the way, this is categorically proved by Julia Roberts.

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