Forged bench

Without a bench on the site can not do. Therefore, a stylish bench can also be made from forged elements. Of course, here the material will need some more.

Making the benches with your own hands

For making the sides you can take such elements.
forged bench
forged bench
But this does not mean that only such. You can show imagination and come up with something of their own. To connect the sidewalls required proftruba. Cross slats must be at least 4. To make the bench rigid and stable, use spacers.
forged bench
The back of the seat can be made not from boards, but from a bar. First you need to make sanding with sandpaper, round off the edges. Secure with countersunk head screws.
forged bench
Wooden surfaces are treated with special impregnation. The color range is very wide, so you can choose for every taste. The result is such a bench.
forged bench
In monetary terms, it will all look like this. Forged items for this bench went to 854 rubles, wooden bars to 637 rubles, professional pipes 8 meters to 280 rubles. Plus screws and impregnation. The result is approximately 1800 rubles. A ready-made bench is at least twice as expensive. As regards the painting of metal parts, modern shops also offer a diverse selection. Of course, you can do with ordinary paint, but you can also take those that can visually age the metal, make it look like steel or silver. And much more.
wrought-iron bench
After spending quite a bit of time, you are able to turn your household into a place that you will be proud of and receive aesthetic satisfaction from it.

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