Former boyfriend: why dream

It happens that in the dreams of women come to visit their former beloved. They play episodes from the past, thus making it clear that there is still an emotional connection between people. And yet, why dream of a former favorite? Interpreters of dreams will help to understand all the subtleties and learn the secret message of such dreams.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Usually, the former favorite in a dream appears in the event that past relationships ended badly. This indicates that among you there are still unsolved problems that you are. It is necessary to let go of all the negative, all the insults connected with the relations of the past, so that the heart becomes free for new and pure love.

According to the dream book of Meridian, such a dream suggests that the couple have no joint future and you will not be together.

A dream of a beloved from the past is a projection of real thoughts about him on a subconscious level. It indicates that you think a lot about your former partner, regardless of whether it’s good thoughts or bad ones.

If the former dreamed of a drunk, then he is now going through hard times and is in great tension. If you support communication, then your friendly shoulder will help him a lot. It is necessary to recall such a dream to the smallest detail, since it can be indicated the cause of his serious condition.

Drunk former or just a friend often warns of future troubles.

If the dream of the former dreamed on Wednesday night is a prophetic dream. Remember what you did in your dream, how it was, what were your emotions and feelings? Such a dream reveals important upcoming events in your life.

Having dreamed on Friday, such a dream will help you deal with real problems.

To see your former lover in a dream on Saturday is an important warning - you should be as careful as possible, patient and refrained from various tempting adventures. Emotions in such a dream will help you learn more about your future.

But to see such a dream on Sunday night is a very good sign - it means creative inspiration and unprecedented joy.

Female dream book

What does sleep with the former mean if the woman does not think about him at all? Dream interpretation interprets such a dream as a subconscious desire to return the passions that have gone away.

If you dreamed of a former guy, with whom you parted of your own free will, then perhaps you are tormented by doubts about the correctness of such a decision and regret for your deed.

If the reason for the separation was his betrayal, then you are at the crossroads of two roads - you want to return everything and forget about those relationships forever. The best solution is to let go of the past and start writing a new page in your book of life.

Dream Vanga

According to this dream book, all that is old that comes to dreams is the past. And the past is something that is already impossible or not necessary to return. This is a great obstacle for you on the way to a new life full of happiness.

A former beloved man is in a dream to the upcoming suffering and the desire to return it.

If you dream of a dream, where you are with him, it means that you absolutely do not depend on the past and no longer have feelings for him. Such a dream can serve as a news of new love relationships that will develop into something more.

Also, the former lover can dream of a quarrel with the current guy or all sorts of obstacles and problems emanating from his close relatives.

Freudan dream interpretation

A dream in which a woman sees her former man, can serve as a news of future quarrels with the current beloved.

Intimate relationships with a former lover indicate secret sexual desires and dissatisfaction in this area.

Very often, a dream about the former means that the past remains in the past tense and there is no point in clinging to these memories. True love will soon appear in a woman's life, she is waiting for a happy marriage and motherhood.

If in a dream he is angry and blames you for something, then in reality you will be honored with his trust and respect.

Dream Dream

If in a dream you met your former lover and experienced positive emotions, this indicates that you have forgotten the past and are open to new relationships. This dream is interpreted as the birth of a new life, joining which a woman will be happy with her chosen one and will not regret her choice.

If in a dream her former husband scolds, then in the near future you will need to make a decision about who to associate your further fate with.

Smiling ex-boyfriend warns about diseases.

If you dreamed that your ex-boyfriend got married, that meansthat you forgive someone for a long time offense.

A dream in which a former boyfriend dies, warns of imminent danger. But a dream in which the deceased beloved is helping you, says that you will overcome all obstacles and win the victory.

For future problems and anxieties, a dream is dreamed up in which you find yourself married to your former lover. If in a dream you don’t recognize your beloved partner once, then big changes will soon come to your life and his life. Such a dream can be a messenger of a chance meeting in the wake of reality.

If the former in a dream gives you a gift, it can be a warning about betrayal and betrayal.

You talk with the former elect on the phone and heard from him that he has not lost interest in you, which means that he had a desire to see you and talk.

The first love seen in a dream means that in reality you lack spiritual ease, warm communication and pure love. That is such a relationship that was still in his youth.

If in a dream you kill a former loved one, this is a symbol of great luck in business and all your endeavors. This is a sign that it is time to change something!

By the imminent marriage or birth of a child, the death of a former lover is dreamed.

A sexual act with a former lover is to aggravate long-standing conflicts, to quarrel with him is to positive changes in the sphere of personal relationships.

Dreams with former lovers often bring with them great changes in life.

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