Free services in trains that passengers do not even realize

Any of us at least once in life, but traveled by train. But not every one of us knows about the services that are available to us completely free of charge.

Luggage space

If you bought a ticket with a lower seat in the reserved seat, then it is absolutely not necessary for you to leave space for the one who bought the ticket for the upper shelf. You have the full right to take all the space under the seat. A passenger with a ticket to the top shelf must place their belongings above their berth.

Toilet in the station
If you are waiting for your train to come in or out of the car while it is stopping, then you have the right to use the toilet at the station for free. Simply show the janitor your train ticket and everything, she is obliged to let you into the toilet for free.

No ticket
Probably, many of us forgot the train ticket, and much to the chagrin it was already understood at the station. So now you can not worry.Ask someone who is next to the ticket to dictate its number. The conductor will transfer this information to the train manager and let you into the car.

Premature shipment
It happens that there is a need to leave earlier than we planned (before the date indicated on the ticket). It is quite possible, even to pay extra. The only limitation is the availability of seats on this train.

Requests to the conductor
As a passenger, you also have the right to go to the conductor and ask him for medicines, boiling water or, for example, board games. The duties of the railway employee include providing the passenger with these things absolutely free.

Mistakes happen
If suddenly, when you make a ticket, your full name is written with errors, but you only saw it on the platform, it is not scary. The conductor is obliged to let you into the car, the only thing you have to show him your passport.

Continuation of the route
If suddenly during your journey by train, you liked the city in which there was a stop, you can easily get off the train and look around. You can continue your journey for free on your ticket, but only from the same place where you left.The only thing you need to remember is that it works for 10 days.

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