Freesia: growing conditions, planting and care

Growing conditions

To grow a freesia, it is necessary to provide a bright light for 12 hours every day.Total absence of drafts.The soil must be loose with a good drainage system. The best soil for growing freesia will be a mixture of peat, leaf, humus and sod land in the same proportions, with weak acidity.

To obtain abundant flowering, the required temperature is not more than 22 ° C, humidified air, you need to spray the plants gently, without water falling on the flowers.A change in temperature to a colder and hotter leads to a change in the shape of the flower and the appearance of empty buds.


It is necessary to land a freesia in the middle of May in an open ground.

  • It is necessary to prepare the wells with a depth of 6 cm. For large onions at a distance of 5 cm, and shallow ones, 3 cm. Leave a distance between rows of 15 cm.

  • Then put the freesia bulbs in the wells.Sprinkle with earth or peat.

  • The soil must be mulched.

  • Water abundantly.


  • During the growth of freesia, it is necessary to feed up twice a month with superphosphate and potassium salt.

  • The soil must be loosened and weed.

  • During growth and flowering requires regular abundant watering to the soil was always wet. Gradually watering must be reduced.

  • It is necessary to spray the freesia in the evening.

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