Frescoes and wallpapers ORTO in the interior: what texture is better?

The fresco is an exquisite and spectacular element of decor in the interior, which we inherited from the ancient masters - painters of the Renaissance. To this day, the fresco in the interior demonstrates the delicate taste of the owner of the room and his love for the beautiful.

Which fresco texture is suitable for your apartment or house?

Basically the frescoes are made on non-woven basis. This is due to the excellent performance characteristics of the material. Flizelin differs in high density and is steady against influences in the form of moisture and dust. The material is manually covered with a layer of plaster, on which the image is applied. In this similarity of modern frescoes with samples of ancient art: the artists also painted their paintings on the raw plaster. The final processing of the fresco includes varnishing and packing in sealed tubes.By the way, the unique production base of Orthograph allows you to make murals of any format, including seamless products. No joints - no problem: the image on a seamless mural retains the unique color and style of the selected work. Nothing will prevent the organic perception of the pattern in the interior.

What did we do?

However, it would be not entirely accurate to call the finished fresco “pattern”. Thanks to various textures that mimic a cracked surface or an old canvas, the image on the fresco is more like a work of art by a famous master. On the frescoes of ORTO, indeed, exclusive images of the work of famous Russian and European artists are on display, including Vlad Kravchuk, Sergei Boev (Russia), Richard Harpam (England), Jan Patrick Red (Czechia), Guido Borelli (Italy), Sergei Boev (Russia ), Valentina Ramos and many other names. Unique canvases are able to turn an apartment or a house into a branch of an art museum and make the connoisseur of art unique in the chic and elegance of the images.

Determine the choice of texture.

When it comes time to choose a decor for walls or ceiling - do not limit the flight of fantasy. If you want to create an aura of solemn mystery in the room, typical of the Renaissance, pay attention to the ORTO frescoes that imitate Venetian plaster (“Veneziano”), large brush strokes (“Pittora”) or the rough relief of Florentine walls (“Florentina”). / p>

The murals from the Craquelure series have a texture imitating a cracked surface covered with cracks with gold or silver.

Fans of modern classics will love the fresco with imitation of a frosty pattern on glass (“Filigrana”), a stone surface (“Bossel”) or pressed silk fabric (“Pressed silk”).

Glamorous move.

What if a soul asks for glitter and jewelry? The frescoes with rhinestones and the Extravaganza fresco with a beaded coating will help to give the interior the grace of glamorous luxury.

For example, one frescural may be covered with a thousand rhinestones, and this is not the limit.

The beaded murals with rhinestones will produce a powerful effect with appropriate lighting and will become a brilliant accent in a modern interior.

Swimming lovers will also be able to enjoy the view of the beautiful images painted on the fresco on elastic decorative plaster. The texture of this fresco is reinforced with a glass mesh and is not afraid of moisture. Of course, such a texture would be appropriate to look not only in the pool, but also in the living room or dining room.

ORTO photo wallpapers in the interior: “presence effect” for any interior

Seamless photo wallpaper on non-woven base can be a good alternative to frescoes. They are produced in a similar way - applying images on plaster - and in the texture resemble frescoes. Wall murals are highly durable, good wear resistance, they do not shrink and fade over time and are safe for adults and children. The textures of non-woven photo wallpaper are also different: they represent an imitation of the surface of a fabric, flax, ancient paintings, fine-grained plaster, limestone or a coral reef.Thanks to the accuracy of the color in the image you can easily travel back to the world of fairy-tale characters, favorite movies, historical events or enjoy the contemplation of the magnificent landscapes and colors. It is unlikely that the wallpaper will be an absolute replacement for the mural, but it is an economical version of high-quality decor to create a "presence effect" in the picture.

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